Will my mortal sin send me to hell if I've committed it several times?

Recently, I’ve found out but always sort of suspected something I’ve done on occasion was a grave sin. I’m extremely embarrassed about it and have never confessed it directly but have said “I’ve done things I’m not proud of”. I’m really concerned now, after reading more about it that it is very grave and am now worried I might go to hell.

I know confessing it needs to happen but I’m not sure how. I’m a grown woman and it isn’t something you’d expect to here from me. I’m a really good person other then this particular sin. I’m afraid even if I confess will I really be absolved of this because of the many years I never directly confessed it. I’m also extremely afraid to confess to our priest since I know him so well and we often talk. What will he think of me?

I feel guilty, I can’t sleep, and I’ve been saying prayers more then usual since I’ve discovered that this sin is so grave? What should I do?

-Yes, this is the sin of impurity.

Dear friend,

Come on now! Go to a different parish if you wish. If the good Lord was willing to suffer and die to forgive that sin, the least you can do is confess it! You know that His love is greater than any sin we can commit. Now get out of your own way and do it! If you knew that you were going to die next week, you’d confess it. Well, you don’t know that you are not going to die next week. Besides, reflecting on all He has done for you, don’t you love Him a little? And don’t say. “Oh, I do.” If you love Him, then make peace with Him. If it hurts a bit, all the better. This way, you have something to give Him.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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