Will my SIL be able to come back?


Hello, my sis-in-law was a cradle catholic. She was baptized Catholic, raised Catholic, and received First Holy Communion.

She was not properly Cathecized and never went through Confirmation.

About a year ago she and her family joined the Church of Christ. Her husband in not Catholic. Two of her kids were baptized Catholic, the third has yet to be baptized.
Anyway, she has been BAPTIZED!! The Church of Christ RE-Baptized her.

If she ever realizes what she left, will she be permitted to come home? What steps need to be taken? I ask because I pray one day she comes home.
They aren’t even going to Church anymore. Sometimes they go, but not very often.


My sister had her children rebaptised after joining to C of C. Baptists do that too. I think it can be problematic, but I’m sure she could come back.

I pray they will. I am so sad to see people fall away.


This *Rock Magazine * recently had a feature article about this that may be helpful. Although it is mostly geared toward starting a ministry to the fallen-away, it may give you some ideas:

Bring Them Home:
How Your Parish Can Reach Out to Lapsed Catholics

I’d also recommend Patrick Madrid’s definitive book on this, “Search and Rescue”:


To rephrase your question in more general terms:

Are there any conditions in which a Catholic who has left the Church, and later desires to return, will not be permitted to re-join the Catholic Church?


If and when she is ready to come home, she should see a priest to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He can also advise her if there are any issues with her marriage that may need to be adderssed and direct her regarding any formation or Sacramental preparation she may need. As the Catholic Church acknowledges one permanent Baptism, if she has already been validly baptized in the Catholic Church any attempted subsequent baptism has no effect.


She was baptized as a Roman Catholic? Then, the second was not a baptism. This would hold true for most Protestants and all Catholics (see 1272 of CCC).

As to what else might be required, that’s another matter.


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