Will non-believers eventually get their way with everything?

Over time (say by the end of the century) will abortion, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, euthanasia, the “official” non-recognition of the religious celebration of Christmas, homosexual marriage (legal recognition), people no longer “allowed” to publically talk about religion etc. be practically fully accepted/legalised in most countries (particularly in the western world)?

Also, will there be an eventual end to people swearing on the bible in courts, having bibles in hotels, political candidates affiliating themselves with religions, tax-free status of churches, the airing of religious programs on mainstream tv, the media interest in the opinion of the Pope, and the public awareness of religious concepts such as “blasphemy”, “sin”, “fornication” and so on?

Also, will people who believe in God and actually practice their faith in at least some capacity, eventually become a minority of the world’s population (roughly by the end of the century)?

Only if Christians allow it to happen! By not voting, by not Evangelizing, by not speaking out publicly.

there is no need for embryoninc stem cell research because its been discovered that stem cells could be grown from skin cells.

christmas is here to stay because its fun for everyone. though its meaning is changing from religious to secular.

its absurd that the public talk of religion would be banned.

the religious had always been a minority since before biblical times. the difference is that in the past, the religious minority was in power and made life on earth a living hell. now the religious have been defused and made harmless.

Not quite… lifesite.net/ldn/2008/jan/08010803.html

The vast majority of the world population holds to some religion. It may not be Christianity, but religion has ALWAYS been an important part of human belief and culture.

As for the OP’s questions:
Everything is still up in the air. Perhaps, Christians will finally pull together and stop a lot of the “truth is relative” acceptance. Perhaps “the end” will come prior to all this. It is rather scary when one remembers how far we have come in the last 100 years. Abortion of course has been around for a long time, but things like embryonic stem cells and cloning have not. Moreover, the idea of homosexuals in the U.S. marrying was so far from reality people would have laughed over such a thought. Euthanasia was known by a simpler name 100 years ago… murder. In addition, back then you would almost certainly find yourself at the end of a rope. Ahh… the simpler days. If history is any indication, Christianity is only going to get tougher to live. However, we have Christ’s promise that the Church WILL preserver till the end. :thumbsup:

God bless.

yes but its mostly in name only. look at italy, its 90+% catholic and yet you will find legalized abortion there. most catholics are not religious. and that goes for every major religion out there.

hello, no court I know of in this country has witnesses swearing on the bible, and has not for 20 years
there are no longer bibles in motel rooms unless it is one I forgot in Raleigh last year
religious programs are not aired on the major networks, but have to have their own networks, and hope to be picked up by satelite and cable providers
there is an article this week by John Allen, NCR’s Vatican commentator, decrying lack of coverage in MSM (esp the NY Times) about Pope Benedict, one of the world’s major newsmakers
blasphemy, fornication and sin in general are the staple fair of prime time broadcasting, comedy, drama, pop music, movies and video games.
the candidates in the current race who are strongly identified with certain religious denominations are doing their level best to back pedal and equivocate about the influence their religion wil lhave on their voting.

did you just get back into earth orbit in your space capsule? all the changes you justly decry have already happened.

our constitutional protection of freedom of religion and free speech were suspended in 1973 when the RvW decision in the SC denied the right to life, the foundational right to all other rights formerly protected by our constitution, including the bill of rights, so until that decision is overturned, the constitution cannot protect us.

Hmm…I’m not a* very *frequent hotel guest, but I have yet to stay at a hotel where there wasn’t a good 'ol Gideon’s in the nightstand drawer (in Utah there’s usually a Book of Mormon right there with it).

I always make sure its there because I make it a habit to tuck in a little Catholic apologetics tract or two into each one I find. :smiley:

I’m a fairly frequent hotel guest and the Gideon Bible is usually, but not always, in the nightstand drawer. I do believe the Gideons are alive and well. Thanks for the idea of putting Catholic tracts in them. Hadn’t thought of that.

If they do “get their way” it will most likely be because religious people, primarily Christians, allowed it to happen IMHO.
By conservative estimates, 75% of Americans identify as Christians, but yet 63% of Americans support embryonic stem-cell research:

85% of Americans support abortions when the “life of the mother is threatened” and 55% support abortion for the possibility of the baby’s “impairment”:

2/3rds of Americans believe that people should have the right to assisted suicide:

It is safe to say that many of these people polled are of Christian belief, most likely many are Catholic. Christians are divided and confused, and we know what the BIble says about a house divided. The state of the world is in a large part our own doing. Not the doing of those pesky “non-believers”. Just MHO.

  • Apparently, bibles can stil be found in hotels/motels. I noticed one in a medical clinic recently (I even had a read; the first time Ive picked up a Gideon bible I think)

  • What the Pope (and for that matter, the Church) has to say is still of interest to many people besides Catholics I think.

  • Where Im from, evangelical and Christian programs are shown on the main commerical channels, albeit not at prime time of course (unless its on free to air).

  • American politicians are known internationally for their religious backgrounds. Name a president of the US who was not Christian (really I dont think there was one).

Things were far worse in many ways during the Enlightenment, during the Reformation, and during the interval between the two world wars than now.

Of course, things were far worse during the reigns of Nero and Domitian, and before the birth of Christ.

The long view lends perspective.

I agree. My view for a long time has been that things will keep degenerating. At the beginning of the last century, people didn’t even imagine sins that by the end of their century were legal and
popularly practiced throughout the Western world. I think it will be the same at the end of this new century. Issueswe now debate will have been resolved for the worse, and the legality of all new crimeswill be the hot topics.

There may be battles won, in the short term. Like the end of slavery in the West (though I know it continues on a smaller scale through illegal sex slavery). In the long term, though, I think that things will get far worse.

My big concern during all this is that the Church’s ideology and faithfulness to God remain pure. I’m afraid acceptance of cultural values is already strong among Christians of all denominations. That badly tarnishes the ability of people to see God’s light in us.

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