Will Polyamy Become Legal in Utah?




To borrow a line from Jim Stafford, “Who we love and why we love is hard to understand.” Who are WE to judge and deny happiness to any man and his harem? :mad:



Once you legalize same sex marriage, you pretty much don’t have a moral leg to stand on.


Right. If polygamists don’t receive legal status, SCOTUS should make a public apology.


Completely agree.
Once you move away from one man/one woman procreative marriage for life-there is no argument against any combination of people polygamy, polyamory, ect.
If marriage is just about “love” then why can’t a man marry more than one woman at a time or group marriage, a brother and sister,ect?


Oh shoot. I just now realized there’s a typo in the title. To the editors – I don’t know if you can fix it, but if you can, it should be “polygamy,” not “polyamy.” Thanks. :slight_smile:


I hope it does and it won’t just be Utah.


It probably won’t just be Utah, maybe at first, but then Mormons in other states will fight to extend it to them.



This is my belief, too. If it’s going to become legal to actually marry your pets at some point in the future, which I consider a given, I don’t see why polygamy will be any different. And actually, at some point, polygamy may seem positively pure, innocent and old-fashioned, in comparison to what else the future undoubtedly holds in store.

I cast my vote for “likely,” by the way.


I believe it is highly likely for it to happen within the next decade. After all, we have “gay marriage” now so the next step is likely to be polyamorous marriage.


I think this is very near impossible to happen for the fact that Utah had to make polygamy ILlegal to get into the unioun to begin with.


It may not be legal in Utah but it does exist and the state has never had the nerve to publicize it. You see, they consider themselves “spiritually married” so technically is not bigamy. However since we moved here almost 40 years ago, there are scattered communities here and there. One of the most notorious is a clan that owns many businesses you wouldn’t think support polygamy. Many of their so called wives are poverty stricken, live in shacks, and are on food stamps and welfare, but have been so brainwashed they won’t leave. Many of the McMansions in wealthier areas here house families. They’re also prominent in parts of Arizona. What’s really bad about it is girls as young as 13 or 14 are wed to the leaders of the cult who average in their 50s or 60s at least! And they don’t get schooling , no internet, no tv so they’ve no idea of what the outside world is about. Very similiar to Muslim women in some countries.


Polyamy is when you are married to more than one Amy.


And now they have to recognize two men being married to eachother. Utah aide there are polygamist cults in my areas. The Mormon church doesn’t allow for it any more but I have a hunch they will change that in the near future. All it will really take is one lawsuit from the FLDS or a similar group.






Beat me to it.



There is now no reason in law why it won’t be the law in all 50 states. The legal meaning of marriage once perverted…


Agreed, and it won’t stop at polygamy.


Islam permits a man to have 4 wives, and many politicians will bend over backwards not to offend Muslims. Mormons are too conservative for them to placate and too peaceful to be a threat. When you add in selective abortions of female babies, this could be a huge problem when there is an imbalance between the sexes. China has already learned this lesson. I am afraid Donald Trump is right about stupid American politicians.

Q. What is the natural penalty for bigamy?
A. Two mothers-in-law.



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