Will Pope Francis begin a new evangelism?

More specifically, will he begin a new humanitarianism in order to reach out to the poor and needy? With such a new evangelism in place, other nations will likely follow suite.

Nope. It was started by JPII, and really started by Vatican II. But he will carry it out like Benedict and JPII before him, albeit in a different style than both of them.


With he full support of world powers, and a new constitution, it could work

A new constitution for who?

The greatest act of charity is to share the faith. The spiritual well being of the person comes first, then the physical well being.

This is why Jesus held his sermons first before he multiplied food. This is also why Jesus didn’t just use his power to open a bread stall for the poor. Just like Jesus, the Catholic Church is not in the business of becoming a humanitarian NGO. It is in the business of, first and foremost, spreading the faith.

Pope Francis said this very thing in his first mass celebrated as Pope.

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