Will prayer help with my problems?

Im a 40 yr old mother of a 5 yr old boy. I’ve had a considerable number of failures in life…whether relationship wise, career wise , health wise…and all for apparently no serious reasons …Ive heard prayer can break this string of problems following me and so wish to get some sound advice on my prayer life…could someone be of help??

Sometimes things in life are thrust upon us and other times we make small choices that bring on larger problems. Prayer can help us reflect upon the Word of God and our choices and sort through where we have contributed (even if in some small way) to our problems. Prayer can also help us to hear the will of God in our hearts and see a bigger picture.
Prayer will not automatically or quickly solve all or any of our problems but it will give us the grace to always move forward in the right direction. If you are finding difficulty in your prayer life perhaps a possibility is to find a priest you trust who could act as a spiritual director for you.

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