Will Protestants and others have to go to Catechism classes in purgatory?

Will the beliefs and understandings in the afterlife be made uniform? Will all redeemed souls there be “Catholic” eventually? Will all incorrect beliefs here be corrected?

I know this may sound silly, but I can’t imagine heaven having separate sections for different faiths. What do you think?

Yes, and Catholics will be forced to read the Bible :smiley:

Well, some might say that sitting through Catechism classes is a form of Purgatory… :stuck_out_tongue:

While we do not know exactly what purgatory is, I doubt purgatory is a specific place. In my opinion those who are in purgatory are outside of time and therefore there is no specific time that anyone is in purgatory, it just happens. I also believe purgatory is more of a spiritual experience where you most likely find out the things you did wrong in your life and are made to truly understand why, but who knows?

What we do know is that all in Heaven are Catholic. There are no separate factions. Being Catholic is a prerequisite for being in Heaven. This doesn’t mean that no one who isn’t Catholic in this life will be in Heaven, it just means that once they are in Heaven they will be Catholic. I would also argue that the chances of someone who is not Catholic getting into Heaven are very rare although I do hope we all can go there no matter who we may be.

And imagine for unbelievers to have to go to mass is a form of hell also.

I suppose what I was trying to ask is, “Will everyone be Catholic in the afterlife?”

Absolutely. All in Heaven are Catholic and none in Heaven could be anything else.

Wait and see!

Well, as I believe the Catholic Church is the one true Church established by Jesus Christ, who is truly the Son of God who came to die for us, then I would say, yes, everyone will be Catholic in Heaven. :slight_smile:

If the Church teaches the Truth and those in Purgatory can only be ready for heaven when they are purged from all attachment to sin and error, then I would say that they would be embracing Catholic teaching more and more as they are purified. But, of course, most Christians are also correct on a good number of things, so it’s not like they will be completely abandoning everything they formerly believed.

I kind of like your image of Purgatory as a Catechism class. I’ll have to reflect on that some more…

that would include all 9th graders of course

but left undisclosed is the punishment allotted to the catechists themselves who still need purification:imsorry:

actually my image of purgatory is more of a spa, a really strict one with lots of exercise kind of like biggest loser with saunas, after all, if our bodies are perfect before the resurrection obviously we have to burn off the fat somehow.

Haha, well none of us know what Purgatory will be like. I will just be glad if I can get there.

If we need to complete the purification necessary to be in the Presence of the Father in heaven it will be in the "State called Purgatory ",and in my opinion, that is when we are all brought into unity, prepared to be in union with the Trinity and all the Saints and Angels.
I believe that will include all our separated brothers and any of God’s other children He judges in need of the after death purification, whether they believe in it or not!:shrug::slight_smile:
Peace, Carlan

Who says fat bodies aren’t perfect already? :wink:

Indeed, that is all we can do. I pray I make it there to see and I pray that all will be with me for I truly can’t imagine anyone suffering for all eternity and that is what makes me so sad. The thought that most of the people around me, may not be able to go there. Well, I hope and pray that we can all be with God in Heaven.

:rotfl: (Sponsor - year # 2 ) - Some evenings, I prayed for “show and tell” field trips around the Church.

Bwahahahah! WIN! :thumbsup::smiley:

:smiley: That definitely would be purgatory for me!

anyone who gets to heaven will have the same views.one view.

Isn’t it obvious? They will be *teaching *9th grade CCD classes in purgatory. :doh2:


Will Protestants and others have to go to Catechism classes in purgatory?

If Mary Eberstadt is right in Loser Letters, some people will be learning Rosetta Stone German…


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