Will Protestants be surprised when Jesus judges them according to their deeds?


Precisely. Didn’t we have a Filial Correction recently, the first since 1333?


Well…going by the headlines of this topic…I’d say that there’s going to be quite a few Catholics who are going to be surprised when they are judged for their deeds as well…Jesus did say that at the judgement not everyone who called him Lord will see heaven…and that the first will be last…and the last will be first…the Parable of the Good Samaritan is a good example…and Jesus gave us two commandments…that we love God with all our whole heart…mind and soul…and that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves…the whole law and the prophets depend on those commandments…any Catholic…or Protestant… who thinks they are right and the other is wrong might be the one in for a surprise…personally I know many Protestants who deeply love the Lord and do good and charitable deeds to help others…just as I (as a Catholic) know many Catholics who do the same…


As I’ve been studying Catholic Doctrine I’ve also been studying Calvanism/Reformed Theology.

Like many folks, I thought Total Depravity meant we are all “rotten to the core” and incapable of doing good things at all.

As I understand it. The difference between Catholic doctrine of original sin and the Reformed Doctrine of Total Depravity is the effect that original sin has on the spirit/soul of a person. Total Depravity means that, spiritually speaking, we are dead in our sinfulness, not just sick. It is not that we can’t do good things or be good people without Christ. It is that even “good things” we do without Christ, are tainted by sin because they are motivated by reasons other than the Glory of God. Good deeds done without Christ are “filthy rags” in God’s sight.


I guess we don’t see a difference between “rotten to the core” and “dead in our sinfulness”.


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