Will Protestants go through purgatory?

On a Christian Fellowship Facebook site consisting of both Catholics and Protestants, one of the Catholic Members brought up purgatory. Since Protestants generally do not believe in the doctrine of purgatory, what does the Catholic Church teach about Protestants going to purgatory even though most of us do not believe in it? Will Protestants still go to purgatory prior to our final Heavenly destination?

Yea I think they will, even if you don’t believe in it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real :slight_smile:

Okay, then on an ecumenical Christian unity Christian Fellowship FB site, the discussion and debate of purgatory is a very minor issue. If the Catholic is right on this topic of purgatory, then Protestants still go through purgatory. If the Protestant is right, then Catholics don’t have to go through purgatory just like the Protestant. It’s crazy to divide the body of Christ on issues that are moot point. Does doctrine really matter? The answer is yes, no, maybe… depending on the issue.

Plus the important thing to understand is that if you are sent to Purgatory, YOU MADE IT :smiley:
From Purgatory there is only 1 destination.:thumbsup: HEAVEN!

The alternative would be baaaad:D

You guys understand that I personally believe Protestants have a free “get out of jail” Monopoly card which we are able to pass purgatory. However, I do believe Catholics still have to go through purgatory since you guys don’t have one of those free “get out of jail” cards. Oh well, we will both end in Heaven on the basis of the person and work of Christ on our behalf.

Doctrine matters, See Matthew 5, the Beatitudes… “Only the pure in heart will see the face of God”.
All who believe that at this very moment you have a completely pure heart, raise your hand! Wait, before you raise your hand ,ponder the doctrine of temporal punishment!
Peace, Carlan

I guess that they would become Catholics prior to entering Purgatory.

St. Pio spoke of a Jew who he had known. The Jew “loved God” and believed that St. Pio was a holy man. At his death the Jew went to Purgatory.

On another note, if one does not believe in Hell and lives a horrible life, will they NOT go to Hell because they didn’t believe it exist?

It is crazy to divide the Body of Christ on any issue. The Catholic Church prays for unity.

Most** everybody destined for heaven will have to be purged of their sins, and love for sin before entering Heaven. ** Are you perfect & ready for Heaven & God’s presence! Then you are fortunate to make it to Purgatory! The question is after being purged by “fire” will there be anything left of our works here on earth? Will our salvation have helped, anyone else? Are we spreading the Kingdom of God?

What about an atheist that leads a moral and righteous life where do you think he will end?
Although if he rejected God will the “work” of his life count for anything?
He had no faith did he?

Pretty fun stuff. In Heaven, I really don’t believe Christians will be divided between Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox communities. I still plan to skip purgatory. Which doctrines really matter in this divided temporal world of Christendom? We share the historic ecumenical creeds like the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. Didn’t the Pope say that Luther was right in regards to Faith alone a few years back? Yep… I do believe in Christian Unity.

Presumption is a sin against hope.
True hope is only attainable through charity(love)
that we give through the grace of God.
If you fall into that category I’m afraid your already lost.
I pray daily for my Protestant brothers that they not fall into this trap

But… this is stupid… I’m sorry, but that’s the only work I can think of for it. Based on that concept, you’re saying that Protestants, all 7,000 plus denominations of them, get a get out of jail free card because they’re all just fine in God’s eyes; despite the fact that they all hold vastly different and vary concepts about what is true and what isn’t. They receive this card on the merit of “accepting Christ as their personal savior” (Which, in case you didn’t know, all Catholics do as well). Meanwhile, us Catholics, by merit of our accepting that we must be cleansed of sins before standing before God, are the only people subject to purgatory?

I don’t mean to sound confrontational, and I apologize if this offends, but have you ever actually sat down and considered this viewpoint rationally?

Agreed, they will be pointless

I still plan to skip purgatory.

I sincerely hope that you are able to, but I doubt it; just as I doubt I will.

Which doctrines really matter in this divided temporal world of Christendom? We share the historic ecumenical creeds like the Apostles and Nicene Creed.

Faith is much more than a creed. As to which doctrines matter, have you read the Catechism of the Catholic Church? That’s a good starting point.

Didn’t the Pope say that Luther was right in regards to Faith alone a few years back? Yep… I do believe in Christian Unity.

No, no he most certainly didn’t… I don’t know where your getting your “facts,” but you are horribly mistaken on this point.

Historic Protestant theology and official Catholic theology are different on the issue of justification and sanctification. In orthodox historic Protestant theology, our view of justification does not allow for the Catholic doctrine of purgatory. It’s just not compatible. I think we have to understand that our views are quite different in regards to how we understand salvation, yet we can disagree agreeably and consider each others as siblings in Christ at the end of the day.

I think the Pope did say that Luther was right in Faith alone as a gesture of ecumenicism between Catholics and Protestants. Please Google it. And yes, I have read the Catechism of the Catholic Church many times. I personally try my best to represent the Catholic Faith as accurate as possible, so I do refer to the CCC and Catholic Answers when all possible when uniting Catholics and Protestants in Forum site fellowships.

My answer is not from the teaching of the Catholic Faith,but it is Bible based. If you really read 1 Corinthians 3:10- on, the Word talks about how you build up your Faith and what foundation it is laid on.Jesus was perfect love, no one took his life he gave it freely. He died so we may have eternal life.!Corinthians Chapter 13, Paul talks on this love. If we really meditate on these Scriptures slowly,we are called to be like Christ in perfect love. Everything else we cling to will be burned up by Holy Fire.Love is the only thing we can take with us to eternal life.So to me this is a good explanation of Purgatory to cleans us from any self -center. So to answer your question on Protestant and Purgatory, I believe if we don’t achieve the Perfect Love of Christ we all pass through Purgatory(including Protestants) to purify us into God’s perfect love.Hebrews 12:29, God is Holy Fire, his Love burns for us. God Bless

What you said is correct…but Purgatory still remains for everyone, even if you do not agree it is real.

Purgatory is a process after death where souls are purged of all that is not holy…Purgatory is for anyone who is not “spotless” upon death…Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslim…anyone God has Judged to be worthy of Heaven but who is not pure, will be first “cleansed” before “stepping” into the Kingdom.

Like getting your car washed before you drive it away after your wedding.

Will Protestants go through purgatory?

They will be forced to listen to Benny Hinn for five centuries.

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