Will Republicans stay the pro life party?

Or will they give it up to get more votes? The Democrats will always be pro choice no matter what, but I worry about the GOP. While they have pro life values (at least as far as the unborn goes) I worry that some day the tea party types will support abortion. I say this because i feel like even though the republicans don’t want abortion, once the baby is born they don’t care about it. Think of it, if a black baby is born, most GOP members will probably say he’ll become some welfare crack baby moocher, even if it was great that his mother let him live. I feel like the Republicans are very Utilitarian and some day will say that abortion is okay because they don’t want anymore poor people or that undesirables should be aborted (by this I mean those who are poor so we don’t have to pay government services for them.

Now don’t get me wrong, There will always be a pro life republican faction, but I worry that due to its beliefs about government spending and moochers that some will jump ship and say abortion should be legal because we don’t want to pay for more crack babies or some silly reason like that.

I hope it doesn’t come to this though, granted I’m a conservative independent because of my faith since I am pro life 100% including the death penalty

It is likely that the GOP might change, not due to the Tea Party (and not for any of the reasons you mentioned, someone’s been watching a bit too much CNN/MSNBC) but due to the Ron/Rand Paul Libertarian school.

Many of the Libertarians infiltrating the GOP want to push for leaving abortion to be decided state by state, or they are for leaving it legal completely.

I think they will be pro-life at least for another 20 years. It could be way longer if the libertarian thing doesn’t take off like I think it will.

However, the GOP will have to back off the birth control issue. I do ultimately see them giving in and touting it as a responsible way to prevent abortion. After the last election Bobby Jindal made some really good points about how it makes them look too extreme and uncompromising.

Probably. There are pro-life Democrats and pro-choice Republicans, remember that. Most of them probably affiliate more with a third party, however.

When are republican members saying that about Black babies?

I do not know if the democrat party will always be pro abortion, because look at the polls, more and more young people are being pro life. If the number increases even more, democrats may not be able to stand by a pro abortion position that many democrat legislators have, if they want to get the votes of young voters. But this depends on whether enough young voters take their pro life position as a priority position when it comes to voting.

It is very likely that Roe v Wade will be reversed. If it is reversed and state after state changes its abortion laws, and abortion is banned in many states, perhaps pro abortion groups that give funding to the democrat party could disappear, and without their influence, you may see a more pro life party rise. But it is questionable. Although not all liberals are pro abortion, the belief that being pro abortion and giving women the choice to have abortion seems entrenched with liberalism as an ideology, and that is going to very difficult to change.

I’m not convinced the GOP is any more Pro-Life as they are anything else they claim to be.

Both parties merely say what they think their voting base wants to hear.

Hundreds of abortion restriction laws been passed in the last couple of years

Also remember, that when I say this, i mean the GOP as a national party. Individual states have their own bases and such. for example, Massachussetts Republicans are going to be more liberal than Mississippi Republicans by far, and probably more liberal than a lot of Mississippi Democrats.

And I did not mean that the GOP is racist or saying this about black babies, but maybe i should have said poor babies who rely on government help. I feel like the libertarian type GOP members would use this argument that abortion would rid us of undesirable welfare babies and save us tax money. Trust me, i don’t think Republicans are racist. To me its more that they are anti poor and anti welfare and it just happens most are black or brown. I know they criticize anyone on welfare and aren’t racist about it.

I just worry that a lot of GOP members think that it’d be better for a mom on welfare to abort her kid than to keep it and get welfare. I’ve even heard some of these feelings from people in my area. Also, my state had an issue where the GOP was split over whether illegal aliens should get prenatal care for free since they aren’t citizens. A lot of pro lifers stated that it wasn’t very pro life to deny pre natal care to illegal immigrants and got heavily criticized by Tea Party and libertarian types

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