Will she, won't she---will he,won't he

  • Ford will testify Kavanaugh will be confirmed
  • Ford will NOT testify & Kavanaugh will be confirmed
  • Ford will testify Kavanaugh will not be confirmed
  • Ford will NOT testify & Kavanaugh will not be confirmed
  • I could care less
  • It’s politicians playing the same old dirty game

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This Ford thing is right up there with the hair on the Coke can. I’m not sure which one is more of a side show. The hair and the Coke can has visual power, but the Ford thing plays to a current popular movement. :thinking: I just can’t decide.

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AND notice both of those nominees= Catholic------UM makes you think doesn’t it about keeping certain people out. The liberal LOONIES do not want to have their toes stepped on or be told in any way, shape or form that what they are trying to make law in many cases is WRONG!

I don’t take sexual abuse lightly and I don’t think anybody here takes sexual abuse lightly. But it is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing that this all comes out now the way it has and that this is so perfectly timed and perfectly vague. Personally knowing someone who suffered from sexual abuse that was reported and IGNORED I truly hope if this did truly happen to her that she gets the help she needs. But if she is being used by the “left” how truly sad.


No… Trump will soon be naming a replacement for RBG soon.

I don’t wish her any ill but I sure hope she’d leave the court SOON!

I wish her no ill either (although I have accused of that a few time).

I could NOT care less.

Obama appointed a Catholic. Maybe you can find another anti-group.

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