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hi, i am new to this so i hope i am doing this right. i have been a will smith fan for many years and i was so shocked by what i heard him say a couple of days ago while defending scientology and particularly tom cruise: "“How can I condemn someone for what they believe and I believe that God was born from a pregnant virgin?” :bigyikes:
he also said something about 98% of what one faith teaches can be found in other faiths!!!
why do u guys think?

I think he sounds like a Christian who is tolerant and charitable about the beliefs of others. I’m not sure I’d agree on the exact percentage of what faiths have in common, but I do agree with the idea that many faiths recognize many common truths.

Well, he’s right inasfar as it is an outrageous belief from a worldly perspective. I’m glad he has identified himself as Christian, and (so far) I’ve found his movies entertaining, and without the offensive material most have.

he might identified himself as a christian but i do not think that a christian who knows his faith would say that 98% of what is in the bible is the same as in other faiths. and even though he is right from a worldly perspective i did not appreciate the condescending tone he used. and yes i do enjoy his movies as well

Well, what I mean by other faiths believing the same things is that “doing good” is noble and right, although the definition of what is “right” varies greatly.

Don’t forget that 86% of all statistics in conversation are made up on the spot. :wink:

Sounds like Mr. Smith is trying to be real charitable about the good things that many religions have in common.

Considering the type of drivel that usually emanates from Hollywood celebrities, I am relieved by what Smith had to say. Yes, it may seem irreverent from a Catholic perspective because we have a deeper understanding and respect for the Blessed Virgin Mary, but most non-Catholics are not compelled to the same reverence. Besides, Will Smith is consistently pretty Christian in his actions.

It strikes me that he’s saying he has faith even though his belief in Mary might strike others as strange.

That’s fine: not everyone’s read the Church Fathers or Aquinas and knows the ins and outs of, for instance, Kecharitomene. There’s nothing strange at all about Mary as “a pregnant virgin,” and for a word by word analysis in several source languages one can spend years studying Leo the Great, Papal Encyclicals, etc.

But most of us don’t have the time or intellect to do this. So we take it on faith. Even if others call our beliefs strange.

But don’t call our beliefs illogical. Them’s fightin’ words.

We need to keep in mind that he is known for his humor, mainly. He has made some more serious movies lately, but he is a funny guy. He might say things…half tongue in cheek. Not that the comment he made about Mary is funny–but he might have said it like I said…half off the cuff. But, I don’t think that someone needs to put down another person’s faith, to uphold his/her own. He seems to be a good guy–and you can tell by his fruits, (he seems like a faithful and devoted husband) that he seems to live a moral life.

I agree – just that fact that Will Smith is willing to talk about it…to millions…is okay in my book.

How is it hard to believe in the virgin birth when we are talking about the omnipotent God of the universe? That’s not absurd at all. I guess Will Smith simply does not understand God.

I didn’t get that Will Smith was saying that he doesn’t believe in the Virgin Birth or doesn’t understand God. He’s saying that he believes in something that science cannot prove. So if he has a belief in an unproved thing, how can he condemn someone else for having a different belief in an unproved thing.

He could have said that he believes in Jesus turning water into wine and therefore can’t condemn those that believe Joseph Smith created golden tablets out of a hat and it would have been trying to prove the same point of how can you condemn someone for their aspects of faith when your aspects of faith are just as unproveable.

I think that he is trying to be diplomatic. He has to work with many people of different faiths. For all we know he is quietly behind the scenes working to convert Tom Cruise.

Especially cause if he was, say, uncharitable, he would lose a wide audience. Faith is something people take rather seriously, and insulting it tends to make them not like you. As a performer, he walked a tightrope, and performed admirably…for his wallet.

As for the Percentage, certain faiths are contradictory. Buddhism leans of ideas not fostered by those of the Book. Niether does Toaism, nor this Scientology, which I assume is based on numerology of some sort.

I daresay the ideals fostered by certain canabalistic tribes went far against ideas of “goodness, truth, virtue, and nobility”.

And what of self serving satanists? Or those oh-so-noble environmentalists who kill to keep down the carbon footprint.

It also seems to me that he might be trying to reconsile our differances in order to bring “peace and understanding, unity” to the world, in the form of a one world religion.

Compramise is akin to treachery!

What a basic name. Will Smith. How marvelously ordinary!

I’d imagine it would become Wilhelm Schmidt then, eh?:rolleyes:

not that i follow hollywood very closely any more, but i have always liked will smith, both his movies and the comments i have heard attributed to him. i believe he is a very sensible guy.

Ahh the nice young Will Smith.

we always let our son watch him, you guys are right hes consistant.

and I also thought good! he didnt cave in, he stood his ground very nicely.

I guess I will have to call him the nice man Will Smith.


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