Will someone explain Protestantism to me?


Different protestant religions all teach different dogmas - infant baptism vs only adults, consubstantion vs symolism of the Eucharist, homosexual marriage OK vs tradtional marriage only, etc. How can the Holy Spirit promised by Jesus to be with us forever be in charge of all of these denominations and yet teach different doctrines?

Sola scriptura - If it isn’t in the Bible, it didn’t happen - like the Assumption of Mary and the Immaculate Conception. Well, then the Crusades and the Inquisition must not have happened either, because they aren’t in the bible either. John’s gospel says that if everything that did happen was recorded, all of the books in the world couldn’t hold them.

Sola Fide - Faith alone - Yet Jesus says to love thy neighbor and to love God, not to "have faith in Christ alone. " Matthew 25 talks about who gets into heaven at the last judgement and who doesn’t. The ones that get in are the ones who performed works of love for their fellow man, not those “who had faith in Christ alone”.


Thanks !!


You can’t explain protestantism… You are right that it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense to me either.

You pretty much answered your own question with that :confused:

Really, the Catholic Church is the only one that makes sense, what with it’s Tradition and Scripture position.


Well…so says you.
There are others who say the CC has turned into simply an organization where manmade tradition takes precedence over biblical teachings.
I would lean that way myself.


There are others who say that the CC has elevated Saint Mary to the same level as Christ himself against the teachings of our Lord and the Apostles and the scripture.
Some would say that.



Yes and those people almost never take the time to actually take an accurate look at what the Catholic Church teaches.


There are others who say the CC has turned into simply an organization where manmade tradition takes precedence over biblical teachings.

And there are some who say that Protestantism is nothing but a man-made tradition.


He Said/She Said.



Ah - but with Catholicism it is God said/we listened. :smiley:


Greetings Thaddeus!

The two earlier posts show one aspect of protestantism - most are taught errors about the Catholic Faith. But you nailed it on the head above, if the Holy Spirit was the cause of Protestantism - why is there no unity ? Unity as Jesus described it in John 17:20+ ?

I believe the protestant reformers were righfully angry about abuses in the Church of their time. Instead of handling it WITHIN the Church (Matt 18:17), they decided to revolt and recreate the wheel. The result - an everexpanding multitude of interpertations of scripture and denominationalism. Of course this is all justified by “the Jesus and I” doctrine, “the invisible body of Christ” or pure indifferentism when it comes to the seeking the True Church that Jesus founded.

Sincerely in Christ.


the reason some go to “what it says in the bible” or maybe just read all the words in “red” is because it is all confusing.

This is a way to try to avoid dogma and mans ideas, by staying with the “basics” When people decide to walk away from a church, I’ll bet its mostly because of the church and its people and less to do with God. Although God gets the blame.

Now, as for what you said about the Holy Spirit teaching different doctrines, no with churches they are always mans interpertation, Im sure the Holy Spirit is quite constant. The question is why doesnt man understand it the same?

If you look back to the seven churches in Rev. they didnt do all things the same either. there is many discussions about what to believe and not to believe, this is not new, its in the bible itself. Didnt Jewish rabbis sit around and discuss different things. Each rabbi had a different yoke with a set of beliefs. Thats why Christ said His was a easy yoke. But it was a different yoke than said before, right?

Its not new its the way of it. The way we are as humans. Thats why God will judge the heart, because we are not going to see or understand His ways the same. We dont start from the same beginnings so how can we?

All we can start from is the basics say the creed for example, thus why it was stated. Even back then, there was a need for a centering of basics to start the discussion from. After all God is not exactly a small subject, there is not enough books to describe all that He is.:slight_smile:


The Reformation was ordained by The Lord and brought on by the Separation of The Church And Christianity.
By the time of Luther the CC had been selling “spots in Heaven” for years and promising folks salvation for gold.
Our God brought the Reformation into Europe as a way to cleanse the church not as a way to destroy the church and it worked wonderfully.
There is One Church and many denominations. Thanks unto God.



Oh, I beg to differ!

Luther was right to be upset about certain abuses in the Church. And a reform was needed (which was achieved at the Council of Trent). A reform was needed because humans are deformed and hence need to be reformed. But Luther took it too far, and he tried to reform doctrine. Doctrine, the eternal truth of Jesus Christ, can never be reformed because it is never deformed.

It certainly wasn’t God that brought dissension and disunity into the world.

Christ prayed that His Church may be one, what makes you believe that He would want it fractionalized like the Protestants have made it?


The Reformation was ordained by The Lord and brought on by the Separation of The Church And Christianity.

Prove this by providing Book, Chapter, and Verse from Scriptures.



OOOO! Yeah, where are denominations and the Reformation in the Bible?


YAY :rolleyes: yet another protestant bashing thread. :frowning:


yet another protestant bashing thread

Nah, just responses to Catholic bashing. :wink:


what bashing was colliric responding to? Besides I don’t think Jesus ever said “Do unto others as they did to you first.”


And who gave Luther the power to throw 7 books out of the bible? Not even the Popes assumed that much power !


There are some that would say a piece of cheese is a DVD, that doesn’t make it true. There are some that would say that God is an actual woman, but that doesn’t make it true. There are some that would say his forum does not exist, but that doesn’t make it true. And there are some that would also say that protestantism makes sence, but that doesnt make them correct.


The Jews do not accept those books as OT canon, why should Luther or any Christian?
The Jews are the authority concerning what is or is not their scripture.

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