Will South Korea become Christian?

**There are few words to describe a visit to what is claimed to be the world’s largest church congregation.
In just over 50 years, the Yoido Full Gospel Church has grown from five people meeting in its founding pastor’s home in South Korea, to a membership of more than 750,000 people.

It means that the church, in Seoul, has more members than some entire denominations in Europe.

On a typical Sunday, more than 200,000 worshippers attend seven services in a building that feels more like a stadium than a traditional Christian structure.

*’‘Sooner or later Christianity will be the major religion in Korea. All Christians are praying for that right now’’

-Pastor Young-hoon Lee*

Read more: news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/8322072.stm

I know the South Korean Christians have been growing increasingly violent to the Buddhist, Confuscians and Shamans leaving there. Burning temples, detroying Holy Books and such.

While I’m sure people here will refuse to believe this and will declare any evidence I produce false you can look up the article Link

I don’t believe it I’ve been hanging around Koreans since I was eighteen-years-old.

I’ve been over to ROK countless times and no way would the ROK government would put up with it. Not when you got a DMZ right up from your Capital City and a communist army in attack formation pointed at you.

My first wife [RIP] was Buddhist she was never attacked in her lifetime for being Buddhist.

My present wife is a devote Christian she and here Korean friends do not hate anyone except North Korean communists.

There probably are violent Christians over there as there is over in Western society.

Most of the Buddhists sites are national landmarks protected by the government.

I noticed you link is nine years old.

The link doesn’t really have any facts… how many statues were vandalized, etc. Can you point us to more facts? I’m sure you must have seen some real data, otherwise you wouldn’t just accept this notion blindly, right? Unless you were already pre-disposed to believe the worst about Christians?

Well he is a “Druid”.Which is something i can’t get my head around. How can anyone be a follower of a religion that noone knows nothing about.

Some BBC reports on it and a couple of articles. Really it was a matter of taking each on together and adding them up. I’ve been trying to hunt down the BBC piece on youtub but no luck. I do know of a good article but it is pay to view deal.

Let me ask you. If somehow all of Catholicism was destroyed accept for a document explaining the meaning of the Eucharist and a document on how to perform Mass and one Bishop. Would the Church be dead?

I have a non-denominational Christian friend from South Korea (even a Catholic friend from Hong Kong) so it’s possible.

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