Will statues of Jesus be torn down and removed? After this was asked, a call is going out for this exact thing

This post asked that now that a statue of Junipero Serra, a Catholic saint, was torn down, whether statues of Jesus will be removed too.

Now this is being advocated, as media reports reveal. See “Tear Down ‘White Supremacy’ Statues of Jesus.”
—This article reveals that a Black Lives Matter leader said that white statues of Jesus should come down. “And all murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down.”

Apparently this guy also worked extensively on Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Not really surprising.


Has BLM officially disowned his position?

Silence is not an honorable option. Any political party he was active in has a responsibility to speak publicly on this, silence implies consent.


Nope. Honestly, BLM is an atheist organization. While they won’t straight up admit it, they are atheistic at heart, just like Antifia, communism and every Soros funded “organization.”


Since 2015, King has claimed the Christian celebrations of Christmas and Easter are “tools of white supremacy.”

Honestly… how can Easter and Christmas be “tools of white supremacy”???


The attacks on the Church (which we all saw coming) appears to be here.

These people are willingly demonic and/or under demonic influence.

Lord have Mercy


I’m not sure how some remark from pot-stirrer King has triggered such a sky-is-falling response.


Called it. Farewell western Christian civilization. Maybe Africa or Asia will be the next center of civilization.


A couple of blog posts does not a movement make.



Because his remarks are just one example, not the only example.

The truth is, the extreme left’s ultimate target is the Catholic Church. The extreme left wants to destroy the Church, always has & always will.

Antifa and groups like that have a great hatred of the Catholic Church. Example: 1 year ago, Alabama passed an anti-abortion law, which resulted in a Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia being vandalized by a pro-abortion extremist

St. Junipero Serra statues all over CA are being destroyed & people are saying HORRIBLE things about the recently canonized Saint. We all know how careful the Catholic Church is when it comes to investigating causes for Sainthood. If 1/2 the horrible things people are saying about St. Junipero Serra were true, Pope Francis would have never canonized him.

A Cross at Providence College (founded in 1917) was graffitied with swastikas this week.

The movement might not be large at the moment, but I fear it will be within my lifetime and/or my kids’.

Very sad.

For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, have Mercy on us & on the whole world


Sadly, every cemetery has to deal with vandalism on a regular basis :frowning:


And that’s horrible too… What kind of person finds it fun to vandalize a cemetery? Can’t people let the dead rest in peace?

While I don’t agree with the mob destroying statues, I can kind of understand it. But attacking a grave, no. I don’t care who the person is. Leave the dead alone.


NOTE: what I fear this is though, is that the [underground] Communist Party in America is ready to take the country’s temperature and see if they can start a Bolshevik type revolution (even if it’s a non-bloody one)


There’s always a little random, scattered vandalism, by sick individuals not influenced by anything other than their personal issues. But sometimes a specific pattern is visible, a series of similar incidents partly driven by a theme, such as anti Catholic iconoclasm; not so random


Well, having been on a cemetery board for 12 years, I can tell you, it is not a little random, scattered vandalism. People do everything from breaking tombstones to breaking into mausoleums to dumping their old appliances and more in the cemetery, if I had a dollar for every condom or liquor bottle or vulgarity I could retire from my job!!

The police do patrol, but, they cannot camp there.

Parish youth group went to pray at the Catholic cemetery over All Souls one year, cops almost arrested the youth minister because they had no “official ID” and the vandalism is so high.

Nothing new under the sun.

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If this is all it would take to destroy western Christian civilization, there never would have been one.


It’s been a long slow decline. This is just further icing on the cake.


“White Supremacy” = Western Civilization.

I should qualify what I mean by that. I mean to say that Marxists have rebranded Western Civilization as “White Supremacy” (somewhat successfully too, I might add) in order to tarnish it with racial crime and render it unseemly.


I think this is too much if you look at his birth place and line he’s more likely middle eastern jew that being said it also says he has olive skin tone in some places if you research about it. Skin tones vary yes some may have painted him more lighter tones because back then if your skin was lighter it meant you didn’t do much out door work which meant you were royal. If you really want to know what he looks like though there’s the picture from the shrout. I also think this is crazy and absurd for the reason being he died on the cross for allllllll man kind allllllll his creations not just Jews or Israelites or whites Mexicans Asians blacks no he sees our heart he is love… so why are we trying to see the color of his skin? And still Judge him in modern day society? He is love. That’s what he looks like, love. If you don’t understand simple basics of what love is then you don’t understand life and if you don’t understand life you won’t ever understand love. Jesus is love. Speak love.

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