Will statues of Jesus be torn down and removed? After this was asked, a call is going out for this exact thing

Should it become acceptable to do so, do you believe the insurgents will be contented with removing statues of Jesus?

It’s any excuse to suppress our religious freedom and suppress the truth keep praying the rosary


Yeap… and what did Western Civilization bring to the world?

  • Democracy & the idea of a Republic
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • electricity
  • the light bulb
  • the telephone
  • iPhones
  • Aristotle, Plato, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Cicero, Socrates, etc
  • the airplane
  • train travel
  • the automobile
  • space exploration & the inventions that have come out of that
  • solar power & LED lights which are today used in many poor parts of the world so people can have light at night
  • human rights for women
  • labor laws
  • outlawing slavery (it was done once in Europe centuries ago, then again in the 19th century) – NOTE: in some parts of the world, slavery still exists: https://www.oxygen.com/very-real/6-countries-where-slavery-still-exists

Sure, there has been some bad things too. Like the two world wars & the negative aspects of colonialism. But overall, Western Civilization has done a LOT of good for the world.

Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals says to hold your enemy’s rules (moral, ethics & values) against them. So the enemy’s of Western Civilization use our mistakes to judge all of society. Yes, we are not perfect people. We often fail to meet our Western ideals. However, I would argue that Western ideals (which are based on Judeo-Christian morality + Roman & Greek ingenuity) has been a driving force for good (and God) in the world (overall).


Here is the problem my friend. Radicals like to use society’s rules & norms against society. It’s straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

They judge society based on perfection. If we don’t live out our ideals perfectly, then it’s proof that our society is flawed. Because they don’t believe in the fall of man & our need for redemption, they refuse to believe that people can learn from their mistakes.

This is why they are so willing to hold someone accountable for a lack of judgement 20+ years ago. Why they are willing to hold people responsible for the actions of people 150+ years ago, etc.

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve heard people on the far left say “people don’t change.”

But we Christians (eps Catholics) do believe that people can change with God’s Grace. Even the worst murderer & gang banger can turn into the most gentil of ministry workers.

We believe with God’s Grace, society can continue to strive towards our ideals.

But the far left doesn’t believe that. They believe the fact that we can’t achieve our ideals is proof that our ideals are garbage & go against human nature. They also believe that people are inherently bad; why else is the “majority” considered to be “white supremacists” - even if they are not white themselves?

What’s going on (I fear) is the errors of Russia that Our Lady of Fatima warned us about. The errors of Russia are finally spreading around the world, under the guise of liberalism & progressivism (which in their pure forms are both good - or at least morally neutral - schools of thought)

God Bless


I think it might be fear mongering by those who are trying to show how evil those they are politically opposed to.


I think this part of the article is worth noting:

“While King is currently tweeting his remarks about statues of Jesus as violent mobs fueled by Black Lives Matter and Antifa are tearing down historical monuments, he himself was ejected from the Black Lives Matter movement by its leaders in December 2015 over questions about the “integrity” of activist fundraising”


Yes, he doesn’t officially speak for Black Lives Matter, however, he wasn’t expelled because his ideology clashed with theirs. He was expelled because he allegedly was skimming fundraising money (which is often called “mismanagement of funds”).

But irregardless, this isn’t really about Black Lives Matters. It’s about communists in the West starting to become embolden in their attacks on Western culture & eventually an all out attack on the Church.

That is interesting.
I thought he was kicked out for lying about being black.

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Question: Why did God make Jesus white, when the majority of peoples in the world are non-white?

Answer: The color of Jesus’ skin is of little or no consequence. The whiteness or blackness of one’s skin is a biological quality which has nothing to do with the intrinsic value of the personality. The significance of Jesus lay, not in His color, but in His unique God-consciousness and His willingness to surrender His will to God’s will. He was the Son of God, not because of His external biological make-up, but because of His internal spiritual commitment. He would have been no more significant if His skin had been black. He is no less significant because His skin was white.

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. — Ebony Magazine, 1957.


I think if “white Jesus” was a historical tool of white supremacists, MLK, of all people, would have called it out as such.

Shaun King is about anarchy and anything anti-white and nothing more.


Would anyone toppling or vandalizing statues be deterred by reading this quote from MLK Jr.?

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if statues of him are eventually targeted and destroyed.


The cracks were already there. People would rather live in denial of what’s truly happening.

What I have heard from folks here in the Black Lives Matter movement, they have zero interest in taking down statues of Christ. He was a person of color killed by a police state, definitely not the enemy.

They are taking down statues primarily in public places and property, not on private property. I realize there are, and always have been vandals and haters, but as far as the movement, they see Christ as a fellow.


BLM Founter Patrisse Cullors admits in 2015 that "We are trained Marxists."

BLM is a Marxist front organization. The agenda is not so much about black lives as a totalitarian takeover of the United States. A closer look at their agenda reveals that they are anti-traditional family, and want to promote various non-traditional sexual partnerships, and the communal raising of children.

Before Marxists can take over and set up a totalitarian regime, they must destroy EVERYTHING the preexisting civilization holds dear. This includes the destruction of history, religion, family, marriage, education, economics, etc, etc. This is why statues must be destroyed. . . .


How many statues of Christ and Mary are on public property? How many stained glass images of Christ on public property? Sounded to me that he / they have private property and churches in their sights, with the First Amendment no obstacle at all.


It’s not fear mongering to point out realities that are different from the popular misconceptions. We don’t need to draw attention to attacks on BLM, pointing out their own website and documented history is “fearful” enough.


I’m not sure what BLM has to do with the fear that statues of Jesus are going to be taken down.

Do you belief BLM is going to target religious statues of Jesus?

I’ve gone through blacklivesmatter.com looking for any indication that they might…and since I can’t find any, I can only conclude that “fear mongering” over this is alive and well.

But, with all charity, perhaps I missed something on the website you saw that either implicitly or explicitly calls for the tear down and removal of statues of Jesus.


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I’m of Indian (subcontinent) origin who grew up in the middle east. While growing up , this was never a problem. Jesus’ pictures and statues there are fairly lighter toned . Growing up in Asia , this was never an issue for evangelization

The only time it was an ‘issue’ was when i came to America and heard this (for the first time in my life!). I was horrified (okay so that is what is going through people’s minds- how to reduce everything to race and color)


Race, color and gender.

The statues of Margaret Sanger will be protected, even after the MLK statues come down.


The statues of Christ - at least in some places - will come down before those of MLK I think.

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There will always be people who push the envelope to see how much they can get away with.

Are there people who want religion (Especially Christianity) destroyed?


Is this blog post an indicator of “things to come in the immediate future”?

I would give a cautious “no”.

The reason I say cautious is because our society is very unsettled ATM and things seem to flip on a dime.

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