Will statues of Jesus be torn down and removed? After this was asked, a call is going out for this exact thing

Yes. The future is not written in stone. We have free will & we have our Rosaries. There is always time (until the Second Coming) to change the direction of our future.


First, understand that Biblical figures did not look European. Next, quit depicting them in artistic representations as such.

And, finally, quit worrying about people pulling down statues of Jesus. This is an attempt to allege some ‘war against Christians’ for political benefit of the alarmists.


Welcome to America. Remember that in WWII blood for transfusions for the military was separated by race.

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The left is just digging it’s own grave.

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Does this also apply to depictions of Jesus as Asian, Mestizo and African? And how do we know Jesus had a beard at x length and hair at y length? Maybe those depictions should stop for lack of accuracy?


That poster already said he has the same opinion on all those depictions in the other thread.

That does appear to be the case:

The question has been answered on that matter.
Not so much on the topic of hair or height.

The demand for the depictions of Jesus needing to be ethnically accurate (along with other details like beard length for the sake of accuracy) isn’t shared by the Catholic hierarchy. Same with Nativity scenes (too early to mention Christmas?). If that were the case, there would be a clear and authoritative declaration of such. I mean, isn’t that the point of having a Magisterium? It’s obvious the only requirement is that they be tasteful and not offensive.

Is BLM an organisation? Does it have an office? A president?

According to their website, they are “Black Lives Matter, Inc.”

You can donate money to them on the website & buy Black Lives Matter products (like t-shirts).

They have chapters with contact info for each Chapter and the umbrella organization.

Their Black Lives Matter Global Foundation (a registered non-profit in the US, Canada & the UK) is offering their chapters up to $500,000 in grants (currently $6.5 Million at the moment)


Can’t find an address though… But now a days, it’s not uncommon to have virtual companies without brick & mortar offices

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We don’t know how they looked. There’s no proof some Biblical figures were not White, or other race in appearance.

In any event, vandalism is now occurring on art depicting Jesus and Mary as Black. The vandalism has nothing to do with the “whiteness” of Christ, it’s an attack on Christians. It’s a hate crime.


Some of the most throughly Christian societies in the world are in Africa south of the Sahara. The oldest ‘Christian Country’ (if such a thing can actually exist) in the world is Ethiopia.

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‘Antifa’ just means ‘anti-fascist’. If you think that is an organization (like Trump seems to) then you are wrong.

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That statement has no reasonableness. You believe there is no proof of what Middle Eastern men looked like in Biblical times? I would disagree.

a few posts?

the democrats removed God from their platform, they only added Him back when the GOP used it against them.

the DNC is actively seeking the “nones” and claimed the “nones” are the largest group in their party.

it has been slowly building steam

Meanwhile, Pew found that the number of Democrats, and voters who lean that way, who “identify as Christian” fell 17% in the past decade – from 72% to 55%. At the same time, the share of “nones” rose from 20% to 34%.

The Democratic National Committee saluted that shift last summer with a resolution hailing the “religiously unaffiliated demographic” as the “largest religious group” in their party. This is crucial, the DNC said, in an era when others are using “misplaced claims of ‘religious liberty,’ to justify public policy that has threatened the civil rights and liberties of many Americans,” including women and LGBTQ citizens.

the people pushing this are defending a hedonistic lifestyle that the church says is wrong. yet some defend them anyway.


If they were in line with Catholic principles I wouldn’t care if they mentioned God.

I have also seen plenty of pictures of a black Jesus, an asian-looking Jesus, etc. Every artist is (within limits) free to depict him as they see him, and often iconography is adapted to suit the local population, to show he is “one of us”. Look at many medievil era depictions of Jesus or of bible stories for example and they seem to be set in a medievil central European landscape with medievil European clothes, animals, artefecats, architecture etc. This was not because the artists didn’t know what the Holy Land looked like, but because they wanted to bring the Bible close to the people.


unfortunately, they aren’t and getting worse,
as in the days of Noah


I see - well Back in the day (medieval times) people probably never saw a white or middle eastern person , so okay i grant them(the evangelists) the artistic lineage. But today , it is probably unnecessary. It may just end up ‘reducing’ Jesus to a human person while taking the eyes of the eternal and divine.

I mean if we go down that route- What color will our resurrected bodies be in heaven? Personally I feel it would be more important to show the wounds of Jesus . That way everyone will know that whatever the suffering now, your resurrected body will be glorious (like angels)

There was a very powerful scene in the movie Amistaad . The captured slaves chance upon a picture bible. Though they don’t understand much , the slaves understand that because Jesus died and rose again he will free them (And us) from the slavery of sin.

So that was a jump from a post about statues being torn down to another “Democrats are Satan” thread.

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The end game of all this is to attempt the destruction of the Church. Not the various Christian denominations that are nebulous enough to not be a target. The Church.
So it begins.

It will soon be intolerable to deny the use of Church property for any occasion. Property will be confiscated. The tax exemptions will probably go first.
The Church’s moral teaching will be deemed hate speech. Bishops will go to jail.
It’s only a matter of time. My guess is 20 years.

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