Will Tennessee's Anti-LGBT Law Spell the End of "Nashville"?




I can reasonably be doubted.

All Tennessee’s law does is allow psych therapists to refuse patients on religious grounds. What is the alternative, punishing therapists who don’t want to lie to their patients and tell them it’s just fine to be homosexual or gender-confused if the therapist doesn’t believe that it is just fine?

A homosexual who wants to remain homosexual will have no trouble finding a therapist who will tell him what he wants to hear.

Osteopathic physicians believe that doing spinal “adjustments” will aid in the cure of a lot of things that other physicians don’t believe in. If I don’t want to hear a physician tell me that I’ll be better if he cracks my back and gives me enemas to cleanse my system, I can go to a physician who doesn’t believe in osteopathic medicine.

There are psychologists and psychiatrists who really don’t think it helps a gender-confused person to affirm him in accepting sexual perversion as a way of life. I see nothing wrong in allowing them to refuse patients who are seeking that affirmation.


Besides, traditionally, country music and homosexuality, do not mix well, usually rural, country areas, people are traditional, God fearing, etc.


I would hope that Disney remains neutral on this since they are an entertainment company.


It’s possible “Nashville” is going to be cancelled because of the ratings:



Yea, I loved the first several seasons but then lost interest. Got a whole season waiting in my hulu queue.


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