Will terrestrial radio die out COMPLETELY?

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The nature of that media may change over time as technology changes, but completely die? Short of the second coming, just ain’t gonna happen.


the only terestial radio that is left is conservative talk radio;

like , love or not the demographic is very bad; and ad revenues are pathetic

some of the “big conservative talkers” draw insanely huge salaries; and even though the “ratings” are high relatively little is returned in ad revenue

fm radio is old pop tunes, christian stations; and not much else

there is “sports radio”

which i doubt anyone here is interested in

Not true.
Don’t forget police, fire, etc.
Don’t forget truckers, or ham radio.
Don’t forget short wave broadcast.
Don’t forget air traffic control.
Don’t forget RFID tags.
Do you have a Bluetooth device?
Do you use Internet Wi-Fi?

Radio is pretty ubiquitous.


none of the above refers to standard am/fm radio stations available in the “typical car”

But it is terrestrial and it is radio.



I wish EWTN radio in my area would switch to FM. I hate how fuzzy and easily distorted shortwave is.

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Often a better antenna helps. There are some loop antennas available that have built in amplification and provide immunity against interference.

I agree though. Perhaps EWTN will go DRM (digital radio mondial) improving SW quality and service area.

ewtn’s am signals are weak to the point of being unable to receive; at least here in my area

i agree; fm would be a better platform…

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I enjoyed radio better when the announcer or DJ or morning radio personality was broadcasting live from my very own city and knew personally what was going on with the weather, the traffic, the people, and his mother in law. Now it’s often just a guy sitting in a room with a deck of tapes.


It’s not easy to get an FM station. Most are (esp in urban areas) are already licensed.

Also, AM radio signals go much further so a non-profit station can reach more people with AM than they can with FM.

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FYI - EWTN doesn’t have radio stations, only content. EWTN Radio produces content and gives it for free to independent radio stations. So anyone can set up a Catholic Radio Station and provide EWTN content

Did you mean AM? Because FM music stations are all over

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Boston has an excellent classical music FM station.

Pretty sure they are still on short wave. That’s how I used to listen to them. However, that was maybe 8 years ago. 5970kHz and sometimes 12050kHz.

Yes, you can listen to EWTN Radio via shortwave.

But my point is/was, EWTN doesn’t own radio stations, they simply a network who relies 100% on radio station affiliates (some affiliates broadcast 100% of their content from EWTN Radio, while other affiliates only broadcast select shows from EWTN.

EWTN Radio is also on XM too

Agreed. Their sw is WEWN if I remember correctly. Transmitter and antennas at their main Alabama facility.

I currently listen to EWTN via Sirius XM. Interestingly, although billed as satellite radio (non terestial) their service area plan depends highly on a bunch of terrestrial repeaters for fill in coverage. Travelling on I-5, there’s a hole in coverage even with the repeaters just north of I-5, I-805 merge.

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