Will the anti-christ be immortal/invincible?

So I got thinking about the anti-christ, and we know he will be a physical being, so here’s my thoughts/questions: when he comes and reveals himself (he won’t say he’s the anti-christ of course, rather, he will announce he is Christ - the greatest deception of all) to the world and believers of the real Christ start to notice, can’t we just kill him? What if a group forms, like a CRUSADE, and kills the anti-christ? I know Gods plan is that the anti-christ must rule for a certain period of time, but what if a new group of fundamentalists or crusaders forms and sets out to kill him and they don’t care about God’s plan of the anti-christ ruling?

This is what brought me to my next question, is the anti-christ immortal & or invincible? I would assume the anti-christ would have protection like the secret service, and he wouldn’t be hiding away in a cave, he would be out preaching to people the false word, so he would be in public. Before I get to my next point, it’s important to note that the crusaders/fundamentalists don’t care about death, they are willing to risk dying in order to stop the anti-christs reign. These fundamentalists don’t care about God’s plan of the anti-christ ruling, they want him gone ASAP and as soon as they get the chance they will attempt to end the anti-christs life. Now, if he isn’t immortal, couldn’t these crusaders just sit on top of a building where they know the anti-christ will be with machine guns, rifles, and a .50 cal and shoot his brains out? This makes me think of another question, is the anti-christ all knowing? If so, he would know about such attempts and would know the individuals who would do it, and have them killed. This also means he knows every ones thoughts and he knows who doesn’t believe in him, so he will be able to kill everyone that doesn’t accept his teachings, this means only the damned will be alive, and the few true believers in Christ will become martyrs. If that were true, then there’s kind of no point for the anti-christ to come because Christ will come when there is really no point, because he won’t be coming to save anyone. So I don’t think the anti-christ is all knowing.

So, since he isn’t all knowing, he can be immortal or mortal. If it’s possible for him to die, then what happens when the fundamentalists physically kill him where there is nothing but splattered brains and guts all over? Will he pop up out of nowhere again and have a new physical body? If he is immortal, than trying to killing him won’t do anything.

This makes me wonder, if he is in-fact immortal, then won’t we be able to know he’s the anti-christ? If someone attempts to kill him and he doesn’t die, won’t that just prove he IS the anti-christ to the people who are accepting his false teachings? If he is immortal than can only Jesus slay him?

I know the bible doesn’t get THIS in-depth, but it’s some food for thought and is actually a pretty important question.

No. Absolute attributes (ANY attribute) are possible for God alone. Thus, God IS love (not “God has love”). God IS truth (not “God has truth”). God does not have existence - he IS existence.

That is why the name of God is, “I am.”

Created beings possess attributes to one degree or another. It might be possible for some genetic mutation to produce a man who could live for a thousand years, but never immortal. Because God IS Life (“I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life”), and ONLY God can possess the attribute of immortality.

I suppose one could make a case for “invincible.” The word means “cannot be conquered.” But one might suppose that the competition must be evaluated. A Navy SEAL in full combat gear is invincible from an attack by a two-year-old throwing Cheerios at him. If the guy was stronger than any attack that could be possibly mounted against him then I suppose he might be considered invincible - even though a more powerful attack (if such an attack could be mounted) could defeat him.

If one defines “invincible” as “cannot be conquered by ANYTHING” then it would make him all-powerful, and only God is all-anything.

So then that means the anti-christ can be killed physically. So, why doesn’t someone just kill him when he arrives? Get a .50 cal and blow up his head. No anti-christ, problem solved.

The idea of the “anti-Christ” appears only in Revelation. And Revelation is a highly symbolic work. I am reluctant to take anything therein at literal face-value. Is it possible that “the anti-Christ” is not an individual, but rather an idea that seduces many? For example, could the “anti-Christ” be the acceptance of abortion? This is surely an idea which, if adopted (or enforced) 100% of the time, would result in the extinction of the human race, and would thus bring about the “end times.”

I just made that scenario up. There must be many alternate interpretations. Hey - I just made up another: Suppose that China conquered the world. China has a law that says that a couple may only have one child - this law is intended to thin out the population. If this law was enforced on a global scale, each generation would be half as many as the previous generation. Eventually, humanity would cease to exist. Could China’s birth policy be the “anti-Christ?”

Ehhh, not that easy. If it’s not easy to kill the president or the prime minister or chancellor of your country, then I don’t think it’s that easy to kill the leader of the whole world. Only Jesus Christ can have that power. Plus think about what will happen if you try to kill the president?

I think the commandment " Thou shalt not kill" applies even to the anti-christ. He’s gotta come and do his thing. Deception has to come to a head. The most sublime deception has to be woven. Why would Jesus come before that happened anyway?

Actually, it would be pretty easy to kill the president. To get away successfully, who knows? Find out his schedule where he’s speaking, find a good apartment or roof top, hide well, pull out your rifle, shoot him in the head and make the get a way. This is all hypothetical, but if someone really wanted to it wouldn’t be that hard, the getaway is the problem.

Anyway, if the anti-christ is a real person, it wouldn’t be that hard to kill him. It’s different because I’m sure there is some “martyr” out there who would risk dying and not care in order to kill the anti-christ. Only a psycho would kill the president, they would have some crazy, schizophrenic reason that only made sense to him/herself as to why the “president must die,” on the other hand, I’m sure we as Christians all agree the anti-christ isn’t a good guy. That would give a fundamentalist reason to want to kill the anti-christ.

Do not believe the Tim Lahaye understanding of “anti-christ”. It is narrow and does not take into account all biblical work concerning him. If we believe the “Left Behind” verison of scripture…well he must be Eastern European!:wink: Oh and most protestants do not hold to it either. Those that do have a great marketing system and, well the squeaky wheel gets the gease.

You will read in the 1st Epistle of John that the anti-christ is already present, ie 1st centruy, and that many anti-christs have already appeared. Again 1st century. He later talks about the “spirit of the anti-christ” already present and drawing people away from Christ. Again 1st Century. The Epistle is very short, only 5 chapters. Easy to read in a very short period of time. Look at chapter 2 and 4, read the others, 2 and 4 specifically talk about the anti-christ.

Other references in Revelations and Paul’s epistle to the Thessalonians to the “man of sin” or “the lawless one” may or maynot be an individual. Paul also tells us we do not fight against flesh and blood. Leading some protestant theologians to question if protestant theology has correctly intrepreted “the day of the Lord”.

Just as the son of man appeared in a way not forseen by man, so the anti-christ will appear in the same way. Nobody will know who the anti-christ is until he is revealed to the world and he will be loved by the world. He will appear to have a solution to all the world’s problems. He will not be invincible like God but he will give the illusion that he is like a god. He will manipulate many and deceive world leaders. This deception has already taken root in the world. Pray that you will not be put to the test.

I have a question. Does John 5:43 imply antichrist?

I am come in the name of my Father, and you receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive.


Would it not be reasonable to assume that satan, in an attempt to be like God, would try to pass himself off as the messiah? Therefore showing himself to mankind as the fulfillment of God Himself.

Is it not Israel that must accept him?

If he is to be accepted as the saviour of mankind would the antichrist not have to be of Jewish origin?
The Jewish people would not accept a gentile as their messiah. Does this not mean that the antichrist proper must be of Jewish descent?

This is vague recollection but were the Jews seeking a physical Kingdom of God on Earth?
Although the Church is a physical place in the world, it is more a mystical kingdom. If the Jews in the time of Christ were looking for a worldly kingdom would satan not use this to his advantage to deceive The Chosen of the Old Covenant?
Is it possible that he could exploit the Old Testament expectations to persecute the New Testament reality?

People do forget that Satan seeks to be a god, and he desires that man worship him. Just like during the time of the pagans, he has and is now setting up multiple religions to deceive people into following other faiths instead of the true faith that worships God and God alone. This is why John tells us that there are many antichrists (1 John 2:18), and that the spirit of the antichrist is in the world (1 John 4:3). He is working to confuse, to divide and conquer. I think it will be a natural desire for people to eventually just follow someone who is offering stability, world peace, and prosperity.

One of the things the Jews say is that their messiah must be a descendant of King David. But are there any records that they could use to go all back through history to trace the linage of someone that far back? How would they prove it now (DNA?)? Also they believe Elijah must come first…so how will they prove it’s Elijah?

What I find interesting is that the Madi in Islam (their prophesied redeemer) and Maitreya (the 5th Budda I guess?) in Buddism have similar characteristics to the Jewish messiah. In Islam they believe he will come before or at the time when Jesus comes and the two will rule together to rid the world of injustice and tyranny. Buddists believe that Meatreya will come after the lesser known 4th Buddha. All three seem to agree in belief that this person will unite the world and bring about world peace.

Also there is no shortage of people who hate the Catholic Church for one reason or another. What will happen with these people? What about the many Christians who are looking for an anti Christ but they hate or just don’t care for the Catholic Church? Will they even really recognize him when he does come? When the Church is persecuted will these people stand up and say or do something about it? Probably not. But what about their faith in Jesus? Will it be shaken or will they reason that this person must be a prophet…perhaps they’ll even believe it is Jesus. This person will be ridding the world of the Catholic Church, so I’m sure they’ll think highly of him.

What I can’t figure out is this: the Jews (and some Christians) expect that the temple will be rebuilt. As far as I know the current temple, the Dome of the Rock, must be removed first and I don’t see that happening any time soon. I highly doubt that the Muslims will unite with the Jews ever, but stranger things have happened (after all Rome and Israel united against Christians in the past-- but these are different times). I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

One thing is for sure: many Anti Christs have come, the spirit of the Anti Christ has been and is in the world, and there will be one to come who will be the fruit of Satan’s work in the world. I just hope it doesn’t happen in my life time.

Some interpret to Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelations to mean a he will receive a major head wound and miraculously recover from it. I don’t think the issue is can he be killed by humans, it’s that he won’t in order to fulfill a prophecy.

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