Will the Catholic Church recognize the marriage of RC's marrying in Episcopal Church?


We are both confirmed Catholics wishing to marry in the Episcopal Church.
Will the Catholic Church recognize our marriage as valid?
If not, can we get our marriage blessed by the catholic church after we are married?
If our marriage is not recognized by the catholic church will we be able to have our future children baptized as Catholics?


Dear TB,

Your question boggles the mind. If you as a Catholic believe that you belong to the one Church founded by Jesus Christ, why would you want to marry anywhere else? Is it the architecture, the location, the minister’s style? Of course, the Catholic Church will not recognize such a marriage as valid! For a Catholic to deliberately and knowingly enter into such a marriage is mortally sinful and a sacrilege besides. Nothing is worth such mortal sin! Get your priorities straight!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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