Will the Catholic Church survive... I say yes


It will survive until the end of time. There may be only a small remnant left, but the Church will never die.

Pax Christi.

Scripture tells us that the gates of hell will never prevail.

And that is that.

God bless.

**In 1595 Fr. Arnold Wion published a history of his Benedictine Order the LIGNUM VITAE, and within it was his “prophecy of the popes.”
This is a list of 113 mottos for popes, 74 of which were for popes previous to 1595, and 39 mottos for future popes.

Pope Francis is number 112 on Fr. Wion’s list. Therefore, according to the list, there will be only one more pope after Francis.
I should mention that Wion’s list was altered by its first commentator, a Fr. Thomas Messingham, and that alteration has been the universally accepted version.
Messingham’s editing had the effect of shortening the list of mottos by one, resulting in a list of just 112 mottos.

But Wion’s original publication of his history, LIGNUM VITAE, survived, and, therefore we may refer to the original to sort out the mess.**


Here we find 111 papal mottos of just one line. Number 112 (for Pope Francis) has two lines, and number 113, for our final pope, has eight lines.
I think that this should be obvious, but I have never seen any book or commentator that agrees with this analysis.
Everyone seems to accept Fr. Messingham’s editing which shortens the list to just 112 mottos.

However, it’s obvious that Pope Francis is not “Peter the Roman,” so Messingham’s editing cannot be correct.
Furthermore, it has been proven that Fr. Wion was the actual author of the prophecy and that such was not written by St. Malachy.
If Wion was the original author, then any alteration of his prophecy would be invalid.

Pax Christi.

Oh, please. Spare me.

God bless, and spare us.

You might be more well served to relate that sentiment to Pope Pius XII who titled his biographical film: "PASTOR ANGELICUS."

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