Will the Church ever change the stance on BC?


Growing up, I remember finding my parents birth control and condoms and even hid my mom’s BC because I knew it was bad and told her I found the condoms and said they were bad. I had to be like 10 or 11.

I also remember at big gatherings with people from church and school the parents would actually talk about the BC. Openly. “Janet is using this pill…” “Jill and John are using this one…” etc.

From what I understand, the vast majority of married Catholics are using a form of birth control, so how can or will the Church address this sin that is so rampant?

  1. That is an odd thing for a ten or eleven year old to be doing. In fact I think it is disturbing.

  2. I used to think the church could never change. But it would appear that the doctrine is capable of being altered. We are judged by the teachings of our time. I don’t think it wise to bet your soul on what could happen in the future.


If you recall from my previous posts, I have a weird history when it comes to sexual issues…(STI) UGH.

Anyways, I always thought it was an interesting topic since it is so common to for women to be on BC.


Yeah, I think you might Benifit from some good spiritual counsel and some good psychiatric counsel. Why is this issue so close to you right now?


On what do you base that?

The doctrine is expressed in reasonably tight language with little room to identify scenarios that could be flagged as outside the intent of the doctrine. Thus “alteration” would seem to really require repudiation.

Now we heard some things said in the Zika virus context which appeared to be (and IMO, were) at odds with the doctrine. However, I’ve seen no serious or credible attempt to finesse the current doctrine, to allow one to interpret as moral, contraception in even that context. Wholesale repudiation would appear to be required to achieve that.



(was that clear enough? :D)


The Church can never change Doctrine. But people try to. When will we ever learn!! God Bless, Memaw


That was an off-the-cuff statement of dubious intent. If Pope Francis really wanted to permit ABC “under special circumstances”, he had an entire 250-page document on marriage and the family in which to include this “amendment”. There was none. In fact, Amoris Laetitia 42 is against the practice.


I realize many catholics use BC today and it has sort of become normal and accepted, but while the CC may never officially change their stance on it, that really doesnt matter, what matters is all those people in their congregations have obviously not been listening…so if they are not listening or choose to disobey on this, I bet its easy for them to stray on other things too.

Thats what the CC needs to address, why so many of its people are not listening and living the faith.


The use of contraception is a moral evil, because it separates the sexual act from one of its purposes. No, time cannot somehow make this moral evil suddenly become good.


I remember when Humanae Vitae was issued by Pope Paul V1 in 1968. Most commentators predicted that BC would be allowed, given the advice of the medical experts to the Pontiff. In my youth, I considered Paul V1 to be a weak pope. To my amazement, and the outrage of the media, the Encyclical stated the continued Catholic doctrine of the necessary nexus between married love and procreation. I immediately was chastened in my arrogant false view of the Pope, and was heartened that the Church held the line.
The Pope was led, in my opinion, by the Holy Spirit to continue to teach God’s Will for man and the dignity of marriage and sexual love. The Holy Spirit is still leading the Church as the Paraclete will continue to the end of days. God will not allow the gates of Hell to prevail against His Church. It will not change. One day the world will grow up and get over it.


Some people is bc because they grew up in families that used birth control or used sterilization and that was taught to them to be okay or they have been indoctrinated by family and society that to not use BC is irrational, irresponsible and flat out insane.

I come from such stock.

It wasn’t until two years ago I finally agreed and put faith in what the Church teaches on birth control.

My wife is not Catholic buy his exploring the option and has an IUD which I wish somedayvsge would remove and convert.

We have four children.

Some people take time to convince I was one of them.

The other problem is we live in a contraceptive society that makes it almost impossible to raise more than two children.

You have four children you need a three bed room apartment or house it’s a housing code.


No I do not think the Church will - or should.

As Petaro said above me (while I’m way too young to have been around for* Humanae Vitae*!) - I think that ‘episode’ is a clear instance of the Church and the Holy Father especially standing firm on the teaching despite a lot of pressure and expectation to do otherwise.

The question I think is whether the majority of Catholics (including all the otherwise very-faithful ones) will change their stance on BC - ie recognising it for the sin it is. I believe we will. Though probably a slow process!


Sure, but it was a surprise when the off the cuff remark was followed up by his Vatican spokesman asserting that the Pope did indeed mean to say that use of contraception could be a subject of discernment (I don’t have the exact quote to hand). And then it was surprising when the Philippines Bishops welcomed the remarks on contraception. I don’t know what all this means, but, as you see, it rather goes beyond the initial “off the cuff remark”.

But my key point is really the lack of wiggle room in the doctrine.


Our Lord Jesus Christ has addressed all sin by His Life, Death, and Resurrection.

What we need to do is obey what is taught by the authentic Magisterium of the Church. That can be done by prayer and the sacraments that He gave us. There are Catholics who do this, and the Lord sanctifies them that way. Prayer and Sacraments!


I agree I was young, married and a mother when all this took place. Thank God we had a priest that knew what Vatican II was truly all about and kept us on the straight and narrow. He brought my husband into the faith even before Vat II was over. He had me study Humanae Vitae when it first came out, What a Blessing. EVERY Catholic should STUDY Humanae Vitae carefully. When I moved to a parish in another state,. that told us that VatII downplayed Mary and the Rosary was OUT. I knew better and tried to tell them that but boy they didn’t want to listen. Several “Old” ladies and I continued to say the Rosary before Mass anyway. Thank GOD things are coming back to what the Church truly teaches and the Blessed Mother is defiantly IN. I am thankful I have lived to see it. Now if us Catholics would get right with the Sea of Peter and learn the truths of our Faith, we could help our children and grandchildren learn. God Bless, Memaw


Well I am trying to distract myself from my current issue - a therapist is calling me back soon to arrange an appointment.


The Church did address this in 1968 and still teaches that artificial birth control is wrong and why. Part of the problem is the media promoting immoral sex as good or normal or neutral. Each one of us can control ourselves.






The Church has stated that this is “irreformable” teaching.

(PS: this is regarding “contraception” not the term “birth control” which could mean various things).


I get your point. Sometimes I wish that the clergy (not just the Pope) would be more prudent in what they say in interviews (or just cut down on them drastically) because a single remark can have a considerable ripple effect.

However, if the Pope had really wanted to “change” or “adapt” the doctrine, he had a Post-Synodal Exhortation in which he could easily have done so, and he did not. That must surely count for something. :slight_smile:

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