will the Church recognize Medjugorje apparitions?

Two popes are in favor to recognize and have said it is all right to go on the faith journey. Will the Church do the same , 30 million have taken this journey and it is hard to put in words of the fruits of Medjugorje.

The Medjugorje phenomena, fall under the heading of banned topics and so are not to be debated on the forum at this time.

This is a VERY controversial issue, one which I don’t think would be wise to bring up on CAF.

As to your question, I’d say that I don’t know. Medjugorje has had some extremely compelling proofs, but also some rather suspicious aspects to it. I honestly don’t know what final verdict will be, and I think it is foolish to try to predict it.

What is most important is that the faithful obey the decision of the Pope and bishops, as THEY are the ones with the authority to declare these apparitions true. If a person chooses the authority of the apparitions over that of the Pope, they have already sinned.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Well I guess that confirms what I said. :stuck_out_tongue:

A very controversial issue indeed, but the ban covers all unapproved apparitions, not simply the Medjugorje phenomena. We wait for the guidance of the Magesterium on this one.

Yes, I just read through the rules for this forum again.

Yes, it is a banned topic of discussion. I also had not realised, until it was pointed out to me.

The OP probably has the best intentions but to begin with, if there were a story to go with this, it would probably belong in Catholic news.

Also, the topic seems off-limits because it seems to be about “personal revelation” at this point, that is how the argument would be framed against this topic I believe. If this is discussed, virtually everything could be open to discussion.

Not a news article, please read the forum rules posted at the top of the Wold News forum before posting a thread here.

As was pointed out, promoting unapproved apparitions and revelations (those not approved by the Church for private or public devotion) or alleged private locutions are not allowed to be discussed in any of the forums.

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