Will the Church refuse to allow me to convert?

I am in RCIA, considering becoming a Roman Catholic. My husband is not interested in becoming a Roman Catholic but is ok with my converting. We both have been married before.I was married to a non-baptised person–jewish, in a Unitarian church. Years later I married my husband who is baptised and we are both Anglicans. We were married by a justice of the peace and later had our marriage blessed in the Anglican church. (We’ve been married over 30 years).

I spoke to a trained RCIA advocate who said my background was too complicated. I should forget about becoming a Roman Catholic ; it would take 2 years and a large expense to get an annulment. Also, if I became a Roman Catholic, it would cause a mixed marriage that the church wouldn’t approve of?

Is this a true assessment of the time it takes to get annullments, and does the church frown on only one of a married couple to convert? Would the church refuse to allow me to convert? Thank you, and bless you.Theodosia

Dear Theodosia,

I have no idea what an RCIA trained advocate is, but this person certainly has not been trained enough. What wacky advice! The Church does not frown on only one of a married couple converting. Your background is not too complicated. Some annulments make take over a year, but most don’t.

I suspect that you were rather young when you married the first time. You need to talk to a priest about that marriage and he will tell you if there are grounds for seeking an annulment. If you become a Catholic, the Church will rejoice with you. You are in my prayers—and stay away from you know who!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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