Will the Obama administration recognize the legal evidence of genocide


The U.S. State Department is facing a congressionally mandated deadline to make a choice: Will the U.S. follow in the footsteps of the European parliament and a growing global consensus on telling the truth about the genocide of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria?


The United States government stands virtually alone in refusing to acknowledge the genocide.

The slaughter of innocent Christians and other minorities who are targeted specifically for religious reasons is a modern genocide in the Middle East. A crime against humanity. And the destruction of the ancient Christian presence in that region is at stake.

You can help. Please add your name to the witness.

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz is asking every person of faith to sign the online petition at www.stopthechristiangenocide.org. Right now, the State Department is considering a resolution to declare these relentless atrocities by their rightful name: “genocide.” Bipartisan support is growing, but time is short. The decision is expected within days.

The people of God must speak up for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. As a people of faith, we must convince the U.S. Department of State to include Christians in any formal declaration of “genocide.”

With each passing day, the roll of modern martyrs grows. While we rejoice in their ultimate victory over death through the power of Jesus’ love, we must also help our fellow Christians carry the Cross of persecution and, as much as possible, help relieve their suffering. By doing so, the Middle East and the world will be made safer for people of every faith to live in peace.

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