Will the Real Journalists Please Stand Up?

In these revealing first 10 days of the Trump presidency, as we were tasting the bitter cup of what this train wreck of an election was going to mean for democracy in the United States, I had one brief moment of respite. It was when The New York Times, in a headline on the day after the inauguration, virtually shouted, “With False Claims Trump Attacks Media on Turnout and Intelligence Rift.” There it was, right out there in the supposedly opinion-free purity of the front page. False! My doorstop of a Webster’s Deluxe Unabridged Dictionary has several definitions of the word, including “untruthful, lying, dishonest.”

A lesson learned! Away with Iraq-era “factually inaccurate” whitewashing. The news of the day was that the president was a liar.


I’m no Trump fan. Not EVEN close.

But this would be a LOT more convincing if those with the power to do so had given 44 and 42 the same.

“CNN turns down White House offer of Kellyanne Conway to appear on Sunday shows: report”

“Pushing back at President Donald Trump’s attacks on the network, CNN has said “no thanks” to a White House offer of Kellyanne Conway to speak for the president on this week’s State of the Union show on Sunday.”


Seen this yet? The spectrum of Journalism

That’s the problem I have as well. Once Trump got elected, they are all of a sudden concerned about everything from spending to soldiers dying.

They are also probably mad they have to do their jobs to keep their progressive agenda alive.

Fortunately, President Trump communicates directly to the people. You then have the “luxury” of considering what he is saying and deciding for yourself what it means. No need to go into hysterics at every new release of facts. End of problem.:slight_smile:

But how much substance and reasoning can we get in a tweet?

All they’ve got.

Seems to be. It is all we have gotten so far

Mr. Trump has communicated to the American through a variety of means.

Would that really have prevented Trump’s presidency? I would say no. There was already major distrust of the traditional big names in news dominated by left-wing minded editors and a very divided media landscape in America on partisan and ideological lines prior to 2016. If the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc. used such headlines during the campaign it was only telling an audience composed of mostly people on the left of centre who would have hated anyone running as a Republican regardless of whether it was Trump or not and would have had little effect on anti-Trump people on the right.

Yes he has. It just doesn’t seem substantive or well thought out. Sound bites seems more his means of preference.

Some don’t notice.

This is not really that new. One of the first to do that was FDR with his Fireside Chats. He utilized the medium of radio to bypass the reporters and talk directly to the people.

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