WILL THE WORLD END? The Blood Moon, the Stock Market and the “Rapture”

“The sky is falling!” cried Henny Penny in Grimm’s Fairy Tales after an acorn landed on his head.

This week in Utah, some stores are having trouble keeping their shelves stocked with emergency supplies. That’s because some conservatives have drunk the apocalyptic Kool-aid. They’ve listened to End-Times prophets who claim that the “Blood Moon”–the lunar eclipse–will mark the beginning of the end of life on our planet.


Ridiculous, does now one remember that you can’t predict the when the second coming will happen .

Rut Ro…

Absolutely No! :slight_smile: First, there have been 54 blood moons in the last 2015 years and second, there is no rapture. Rapture is a man made doctine and not biblical.

Every Christian should expect there to be a Rapture. The word itself comes from the Latin Vulgate, after all. The question is WHEN to expect it. Today’s popular conception is unbiblical, I believe, which puts the Rapture before the tribulation, and before Christ returns. The traditional view is that the living saints will be taken up to Heaven after the tribulation when Christ returns.

We could keep this thread going until SEPTEMBER 28!:eek:

And thereafter!:D:D

This has been done to death. The rapture does make for good fiction in Kirk Cameron films but no foundation in correctly interpreted scripture.

There is the resurrection of all at the end of time, not the modern rapture.

No one knows when the end will be except God.

Didn’t even bother to read the article, because the whole premise is a bit ridiculous, especially on Catholic forum. This reminds me of when Harold Camping said the world was going to end. Good grief.

I agree this is pretty silly for a Catholic forum!

I’m just wondering why the auther keeps referring to the people who believe in this as “conservatives.” Not only is it vague to the point of non-descriptiveness, it’s mostly irrelevant. She also refers to them as fundamentalists, which might at least be somewhat descriptive and relevant, but since she says things like “Now some Mormons and other fundamentalist Christians…” it appears to me that she just likes throwing words around.

I can’t say that the world will NOT end on September 28th, but I will say that IMO it is no more likely to end on that day than on any other. :slight_smile:


This is the third date I’ve heard just for this September! First was the 13th thru the 15th - obviously overdue, the second was the 23rd - just 2 days away - now the 28th.

Will they keep pushing it back as reality catches up with them? :rolleyes:

I’ll get back to you on the 29th…

Well the world could end on that day, if God the father decides on that day, but if it does Jesus will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, no rapture. This fantasy theology has only one use … It can make a terrifying horror movie… As long as you don’t take it seriously. It however can be dangerous to believe in this theology, so perhaps we should not just laugh about it and correct them somehow!

I for one posted the truth on my Facebook page,.got one like so far… And guess what … It was a fellow catholic! One day…

I’ve only recently heard that there’s supposed to be a “rapture” on the 28th. As usual, it won’t happen.

The story I heard was the 13th was apparently predictions of when the Stock Market was supposed to start crashing, with the big crash occurring on the 23rd. :shrug:

I haven’t been following the various stories, but a local woman was really beating the drum for the earlier dates. I’m upset with the newspaper editor for publishing her letters - he doesn’t like Christianity and I think that was his way of making fun of Christians. :frowning:

Some kid on fb keeps going on about how the 23rd will be “climate chaos”, and is comparing the events that are supposed to take place as the same as that film 2012. Im not sure where all these predictions came from, but its getting old :shrug:

Do you think we should continue with this thread on the 29th? Your call chief lol

I was watching this same topic being discussed on a Spanish ghost hunting show. They spoke about a possible meteorite hitting earth, that causing the world to crumble.

Others spoke about a financial collapse.

They even said that this could be related to pope Francis visit to USA

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