Will the world try to force the teachings of abortion, same sex marriage,... to the Catholic Church?


Looks like the UN is waging war against RCC. The secular world is getting more and more hostile towards the Church and its moral teachings. I don’t want to say this, but the Church may face persecution in the future because of its teachings about abortion, same sex marriage,…

The further the tyranny of secularism and progressivism and its ideas of “indiscriminateness” expand, you can be quite certain that any idea or institution which claims a contrary morality against that morality of indiscriminateness you can be quite sure that they will attempt to subject the Church to their ideology, by force if necessary.

Yes, they already are.

It looks like it is already happening.:o

Yes, but force of Satan will not prevail.

Good always triumphs over evil.

Won’t be the first time the Catholic Church has faced persecution and probably won’t be the last. God is still the BOSS and He is in control even when it doesn’t look like it. The Church will be the guiding light thru all this as it always has been. Pray for the conversion of all and TRUST GOD. God Bless, Memaw


They will try to force their world views on the Catholic Church.

I don’t know how successful they will be.

Persecute is a strong word. The United Nations is not going to burn Catholics at the stake for refusing to support abortion.

The secular world is simply acting as agents of the Devil. Never forget:

[bibledrb]eph 6:12[/bibledrb]

I wouldn’t worry a great deal about it. The UN, secular society… have bigger fish to fry than us.
Who or what could that be? Why… themselves of course. Those without an inner spiritual life are empty. They move around like locusts searching for the next meal, cause, or “rush.” The lucky ones will find that God can fill this hole quite nicely given time, effort, patience, works, and yes faith.

When the winds of instant gratification, self absorption, and evil blow, it is the weak leaf or acorn that falls from the tree. Some will find the sunlight again and grow, while others will simply lay forest floor… and rot.

I think the persecution arrived long ago. It was just a bit more silent. Sometimes that is when the devil takes His time to sink His teeth in. Then when things get obvious it is a lot harder to maintain one’s position and ground.

No. The world will not force non-Catholic teachings on the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage into to the Catholic church.

Will the Catholic church try to force it’s teachings on abortion and same-sex marriage onto the non-Catholic world?


Nope. We believe in that pesky free-will.

Now if your question is, “will the Catholic Church continue to try to promote its teachings to the world with the intention of gathering as many souls as possible for Our Father’s house?”

I sure hope so. Is that so bad?

Amen! The Church will never fall!

Speaking of silence, I must say that I was disappointed that this article was a month old and did not even have 70 shares on Facebook and Twitter combined. Since I do not have an account with either, I must admit that I am part of the problem.

BTW I agree with your post.

Albert Einstein once said that he was not as afraid of the evil of the world as much as those who do nothing about it. Perhaps we as the Church need to wake up more so that we can be heard. It is of no coincidence that these activities of secularists are happening now as the emerging Laities of the Churches of East and West are now called by God to enter this world. The involvement of the Laity as an emerging new force which will propel the world to take notice will occur once the struggles to teach and educate the Laity will be enforced. All these occurrences from secularists are just occurring before the emerging Laity will do their part. Secularists are just ahead of us because the training of the Laity just takes time and once God has His Laity working for Him than you will see what the Laity and the Church can do. This emerging Laity is something new for most of the discipline from the past was given through the clergy and monastics. Not anymore. God is now calling His Laity to become more involved to turn this undisciplined tide of the West back to Him. Give it more time. The emerging Laity is still in formation. Once it comes than watch out for it!

But trying to legally prevent same-sex marriage and abortion is taking away free will…and that is much different than “promoting” the teachings of the church, it is indeed trying to force those teachings upon people who are not Catholic.
And there are many millions of people who are not Catholic in this world.
So protesting or voting against these issues, trying to get States and the Supreme Court to ban them, etc…and not letting the person make that choice for themselves is trying to take that choice away from them.
So in the case of those who are doing that, then I say…that is not good.
In the same way that I would not want Catholics to be forced to allow same sex marriage in their church even though I believe in it myself.

By the way, I’d like to add that the wording of the article is very misleading.
The reporter writes and implies and the people quoted say that the UN is “telling” the Church to change it’s teaching.
That is not what the report says.
This is a report, they make recommendations, they do this with everyone they make a report on…this is not unique “persecution”, as some insist. If they see what they think is an injustice or a way to make something healthier and safer for children or adults, they are going to “recommend” it and “advise” ways they think will improve this, which is what they do in this report.

The wording on the abortion issue is especially misleading. In the report, they give a specific, horrifying example of a child whose life was in peril when pregnant after being raped by her father…and it says something about how the Church sanctified a procedure after the fact (I didn’t understand all the wording, so maybe someone else can read it and check)…so the UN was using this example to suggest that in some specific cases, it might “review” it’s position.
These are “suggestions” and “recommendations”. Those are the words used in the report.
That is very different than saying it is* telling* the church to change its teachings or “attacking” the church, as the article claims.


So is outlawing murder, drunk driving, and thousands of other acts. Once upon a time dueling and killing someone who had wronged you was perfectly acceptable to society. It is now outlawed. Should we allow it again because it takes away someone’s free will and forces a behavior they might not agree with?

The laws Catholics want “to force” on people are not about being Catholic, but are laws that (should be) written on every human’s heart. It is only through corruption of the world that so many people accept evil and proclaim it as good. Sometimes laws are passed to slow the rot and decay of a society.

In modern society marriage really doesn’t mean much. Everyone lives together and has sex before marriage. And of those who get married half of them get divorced, mostly no fault divorce. So the vows really mean nothing. It seems that people get married anymore because it is just the next step that they feel obligated to make. So what is the gay marriage fight over? No one cares if two gay guys live together. They can do what they want.

The future of marriage is in religion. In 50 years there will be no secular marriage, it will be a religious issue.

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