Will there be a severe economic collapse in America?

I’m no economist, but I would like your comments of the topic. I know that nobody knows for certain, but would like to hear your gut feeling on the topic.

My gut feeling is that there will be a severe world-wide economic collapse.

Yes, I think it is possible. I know from personal experience that it is hard to get a good old-fashioned full time job with benefits in the US anymore, and many people (including myself for a while) live with relatives for economic reasons. Many college grads are finding it hard to get any job. European currencies are unstable.

I think we have to focus on what we can do, though (use the money that God has given to us wisely, avoid debt if possible, save for the future, help others), and trust that God will do what we cannot.

Well, I’m a pessimist on the matter, but I try not to depress everybody with dire predictions. And yet I’ve made dire predictions on occassion. But nothing is foreordained.

Here’s what worries me:

–Ever increasing Federal debt with no chance of being repaid or even reduced.
–Federal Reserve pumping new money into the economy, billions every month.
–Those two factors alone have a chance of creating hyperinflation or depression.
–European economies which are in even worse shape than the U.S.
–Sinking fertility rates throughout the western world, leading to unsustainability in social support programs and a depopulation spiral.
–Government encroachment on religious liberty. Increasing centralized control.
–Crumbling family structure, resulting from divorce, cohabitation, fornication, and now gay marriage.
–Increasing out of wedlock births. No dads. More dependency.

Could it all come crashing down? Possibly. But this also worries me. We are all less prepared for hardship than ever.

The generation which survived the depression of the 1930’s knew how to make do with little.
The generation which survived WW-II knew how to cope with hardship.
For several generations now, we’ve all lived in a sort of easy prosperity bubble, even when we think times are tough. I don’t know how we will cope when times REALLY get tough.

That’s mine, too.

Father in Heaven, please let it be so.

I do believe it is very possible, but I am praying it won’t happen. But then again I am around a person a lot who is convinced we’re in the End Times…and who knows, perhaps we are.

Should I learn how to be homeless and survival skills like, I dunno, making fires with two sticks and that sort of thing?

I’ve been wondering this in the case Mom ends up losing our home - or I end up getting kicked out of it.

I think it’s a strong possibility.

Anybody see the movie, Too Big To Fail? I had no idea how close we were to collapse in 2008.

I have no idea. I’ve lived through the bubble myself. But what will people do when the social security checks don’t come any longer, or are worthless? When the docs no longer accept Medicare?

And today, unlike the 1930’s when a bank run consisted of depositors lined up at the bank to withdraw their money, now there can be an electronic bank run.



It might occur in the West as it is here where most of these economies are spending way too much over what they take in. If it is to collapse it will be a natural condition which the West got caught itself into its careless spending ways. I don’t believe this has any thing to do with the end times. Bankruptcy has always been with us. You can go back to Job to see this. It actually can be good for us if conditions are to bring about a collapse. We need to be more responsible to what we manage to and as I see it, the West are acting irresponsible just like individuals who want to act like “playboys”. The Lord gave us incredible wisdom to know the difference so He permits all these pitfalls to show us where our weaknesses are and hopefully to direct us to the One who can help us to manage back to common sense once we see what we have done. Hopefully people will learn to change. A good old fashion collapse might be the antidote God will permit to help us to change for the better.

If on the off chance we end up in a war with North Korea, it could draw in China. A war between China and the USA would be economically disastrous.

Otherwise, I don’t think a severe collapse will happen soon. Though I’m no economist.

I don’t know, but I found this to be interesting…

Chris Martenson is a world-renowned expert on identifying dangerous, yet hidden, exponential growth patterns in global economies, energy demand, and food consumption…

***And he is predicting a 60% stock market collapse will strike in the next three months.

Martenson’s opinion isn’t to be taken lightly, as his research is highly regarded by the United Nations, UK Parliament, and Fortune 500 companies.***

His shocking forecast is based on a new alarming pattern he’s identified — he’s calling it “a dreaded triple top”


Will we have a Great Depression or a Great Correction?

Learning survival skills is important anyway because natural disasters also happen.

What he said.

Several noted figures in the financial community, such as Jim Rogers, have strongly expressed their concerns about our financial collapse.

I highly recommend the book “The Harbinger”, by Jonathan Cahn. Our economic fate is tied directly to our spiritual downturn.

In addition to JimG’s statements, I am also concerned about the following. Some are off-topic, since they don’t necessarily speak to economic collapse:

  1. North Korea having nukes, and Iran pretty darn close to getting them. Even though the U.S. and South Korea could easily defeat North Korea, I’m concerned about other countries getting involved against us (China, Russia). It doesn’t have to be a nuclear bomb blast, in the normal manner. An EMP attack would set us back centuries (read “One Second After” for such a scenario. There are a long of electricity-dependent aspects of our lives we don’t normally think about.)

  2. Computer hackers damaging some major aspect of our infrastructure, or causing a rapid withdrawal of bank or retirement funds, or causing a rapid sell-off of equities.

  3. The 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition purchased by our federal government–much of it hollow point. There are related items which may be simply rumors, so I won’t go there.

  4. The Islamic and communist influences in our governments.

  5. Indoctrination of students against capitalism, America, Jews and Christianity.

  6. The gradual erosion of our Constitutional rights.

It depends I think. If people understand how banks are robbing them, there may be revolutions. There is another possibility that a cashless society may form so that they can just delete a person from the grid with the stroke of a keyboard if he reveals the truth. Or maybe some politicians will find a way to censor the Web so people do not learn about the Ponzi scheme.

If a revolution in thinking does not occur–if people keep amusing themselves without a care for what is happening around them–then people will just drift downstream to slavery, all the while sincerely believing that they are free.

Will the clamp down be 1984 or a Brave New World, I do not know.

Some people are so worried about Marxists that they fail to realize that there is no such thing as capitalism in this world either, nor a free democracy. It is a plutocracy that is encompassing the world.


Baloney. My parents went through the first Great Depression. The crooks that caused this one are known but are only going to pay fines or “settlements.”


The SEC has is under a new initiative, and banks have been strengthened by “stress tests.” There is more oversight, and more are being indicted for insider trading.


If it comes I suspect it will result from a bubble in the Chinese economy bursting.

Even if that happened I don’t think the United States is going to become Peru or Haiti. The U.S. and most the world will go through a long recession again. Eventually the recession would lift. The U.S. will become a power along side the U.K., Germany, and France. It just will not be a superpower anymore.

There will still be rich people in the United States and there will still be poor people. You’ve seen that in France and the rest of Europe. And in Europe you’ve always had the poor. But you’ve always had the poor in the United States too.

Regardless, if the United States wants to go to war with North Korea I’m sure money (that supposedly does not exist or can’t be accessed) will magically appear–even if it costs $60 trillion.

But when it comes to reinvesting money into the infrastructure of American cities (we’d–I mean conservatives–would rather build up suburbs and create more urban sprawl, and look dumbfounded that bears show up at their houses, as though the bear should have known to move out and rent an apartment in Chicago), or helping turn out more engineers and mathematicians or plumbers in the United States, the government says there’s not that much money to do that.

Point being here is that the rich are going to be rich even if half the United States was blown to smithereens by Soviet made nuclear bombs traded to some country.

I won’t comment about the book you linked, but it is about the great recession, not the Great Depression. Of course, people are still arguing about that one too.

As for oversight, that presumes that the overseers know what they need to be looking for, and that’s not always the case. And is anybody overseeing Ben Bernanke?

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