Will there be Mass after Jesus comes again?


I was just wondering what Catholics believe will happen after the final judgement on whether or not there will still be a need for taking part in Mass, the Eucharist, etc. I was wondering if Tradition would at that point be rewritten.

Will there be any more sacrifices to be made at all, and if there is to whom would we sacrifice ourselves? To God alone? Because at that point, everyone would be satisfied and wouldn’t need the help or charity of others.

How will real acts of charity and sacrifice survive the completion of the final judgement?


What first comes to my mind is that Mass will be redirected to the lost souls, in which together with the Father, real sacrifices will be made in their honor.


But with all prayer and sacrifice being offered from the living to the dead, wouldn’t Justice only be served with their rescue…? Or at least the rescue of some?

…surely they won’t just be forgotten.


those who go to Heaven (I hope the most people) will be very happy, that is pretty much all care about it. but about the Mass, i think that being with God, would make the need for Mass unnecesary. but those are only my ideas and could be wrong.


So we would just be standing around feeling happy? That’s it?


I did not said that, i just stated that those who go will be forever happy and living with God and to me that is pretty much what i care. what other activities might be there, i dont know.


I don’t believe so. If that were true it would mean we would be a lot like fish, floating around happily in our own little fish worlds.

I think that life with God would include our continued desire to be ‘like’ God, except for that at that point, we will actually have come to know Him more completely. We will want to exercise our creativeness and maintain a desire to ‘influence’ things -just as God does. I don’t think supernatural capabilities for us would be out of the question either… After all, the supernatural is the basis of our faith.


I would imagine that when I have the real, live human body of our LORD to hug and hold, and be hugged and held by; there would be no need for the sacramental body.

Also, when we have Him physically, there would no longer be a need for clerical mediation.




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