Will this cause offense?


I live in a small town which only offers a NO Mass. However, tomorrow I may have the opportunity to travel to the nearest city, which offers a traditional Latin Mass. I would really like to go to it, but I do not have anything appropriate to wear as a headcovering. Would it cause offense to others attending this Mass if I attend bareheaded?

Thank you,

Nope, not at all. Someone may offer you a headcovering on your way through the door, but you’re certainly free to decline. Mantillas are a nice tradition, but the important thing is the Mass! Go! :thumbsup:

As Scotty said, JUST GO!! And if it’s new for you, don’t worry about following every word and gesture - just let the holiness lift you to God. Soak it all in.

Scotty PGH and sphilomena,

Thank you!


You can wear a simple (modest) scarf over your head if you don’t have a Mantilla. It doesn’t have to be a Mantilla. And I’ve been attending Latin Mass without one for several weeks, because mine are in storage while I am renovating my house.

What everyone else said: just go! :thumbsup:

…or a hat…but the important thing is to go…being without a head cover will mark you as NEW and hopefully after Mass people will welcome you…go go go…

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