Will trusting in Jesus solve all my problems?

Hi everyone. A friend of mine usually gives me the same advice for everything “Trust in Jesus.” Well, I do trust in Jesus but maybe not enough. Will trusting in Jesus solve all my problems or what? I hope this isn’t a silly question. :blush:

It won’t make the problems go away, but you will be able to face them all when you trust Jesus. I have noticed it is easier to face my fears and insecurities when I trust Him.

every Christian has problems. Jesus while He walked on earth had a million problems. all of His disciples save one were martyred for their faith, but they died rejoicing in the Lord, their Saviour.

trusting Jesus will not automatically take away your problems, but He will give you the grace, peace, wisdom, humility of spirit, and courage to face your problems with prayer and trust, in His power.

He will walk you through your problems as a child of God, and will empower you to endure for His sake, and from His point of view. in Christ, our problems do not define us or crush us, but we get through them in His power, and triumph in His Name.

Ah ok. Thanks everyone! I didn’t think that trusting in Jesus would make all my problems go away cause I don’t think that will happen till Heaven but I still wondered. :p:o

I agree with the others… :slight_smile: it won’t necessarily make the problems go away, but it will give the strength to bear them.

“trust in Jesus” is how I try to live my life, because often I don’t know what else to do when I’m feeling lost or confused and don’t know what to do… then I just try to trust Him that He knows, that He will get me through it, that He loves me… and I try to talk to Him about the problem on a more personal level, telling Him everything, and trying to believe that He hears and understands. And somehow over time, (or sometimes right away) it helps. The problems don’t disappear, but I can see that God is bigger than any of them.

God bless :slight_smile:

Hi Holly. First of all no, it’s not a stupid question. second of all, from my experience the more I trust Jesus, the more easy my life becomes. I still deal with problems in my life, but they never effect me like they used to. I think of forgiveness most times before resorting to anger, I think about pointing the finger at myself for my sins and rude behavior, before I point someone elses faults out.I don’t really get involved in matters of gossip, or talking behind someones back like I used to. I also have much more patience now, and things just don’t stress me out like they used to. will trusting Jesus make all of your problems go away? No, but He will show you how to deal with them better. the more trust I have in Jesus, the easier it is to deal with everything life throws at me. I try not to just tell Jesus that I trust in him though. I make frequent Confession a habit, I get to Eucharistic Adoration whenever I can, I try reading a little Sacred Scripture every day, and I also try praying the Rosary as much as possible. it seems that when I get away from these things, or get to busy for them, thats when I find myself getting more stressed out about everything, and giving into temptations that I usually wouldn’t. Your friend is indeed giving you sound advise.

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