Will we be healed if we ask long enough?

Today’s Gospel reading is Luke 11:5-13. Is God telling me that if I ask Him long enough, He will heal my vision? I have astigmatism, significant myopia, and many floaters. Should we believe that God will heal us, and we only need to “pray long enough and sincerely enough”, i.e. persevere in prayer and believe that we have already received it (Mark 11:22-24)? Or should we pray only for a period of time, and if we’re not healed, conclude that God doesn’t want us to be healed (2 Cor 12:7-10)? Do you have any reading recommendations on this topic?
[BIBLEDRB]Mark 11:22-24[/BIBLEDRB]
[BIBLEDRB]2 Cor 12:7-10[/BIBLEDRB]

Dear friend,

Before all else, we must begin by realizing that God is not just a bigger version of us. When we approach God, we are approaching the infinite mystery of infinite love. To the degree that we approach Him with this in mind, we are already beginning to be healed in a way that exceeds our ability to fully grasp intellectually. To approach Him in humility is, quite possibly, a greater healing than the one we seek.

Certainly, He told us to ask for what we need, as Scripture says–and to persevere. The closer union we have with Him, the more we will find ourselves in this state of persevering in a quest for healing—or better; a quest for His mercy. This certainly isn’t our way, is it? As St. Teresa of Avila put it, ready cash is all we understand. We’d like to just ask the Lord and be given the goods—and that’s that. But that is not that. He wants more for us. To continue day to day in a suspended dependency on His mercy is to consciously put all our trust in Him without expecting to understand. This is what our Blessed Mother did all her life. What seem like stumbling blocks that He sets before us are actually stepping stones when we consider the divine love that is behind them.

So, by all means, never stop praying for healing; but the kind of healing that HE wants for you. Such trust is an act of love that is as unique as you are—and it has heaven written all over it.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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