Will we ever know it all?

If somebody had said in the early years of the Church:

“You have to be circumcised to follow Jesus.”

This would have been an opinion - it could have been true or false. Only after the Council of Jerusalem would it have been heresy.

If somebody had said in the 14th century, long before the council of Trent:

“Those who are saved can have total assurance that they will never fall from grace.”

This would again have been an opinion, albeit an unusual one in the medieval Catholic Church, but not yet declared heresy.

If somebody had said in the 1940’s:

“Mary was sinless from the moment of her ensoulment, about 14 days after conception.”

This would have been a valid opinion, though now it would be heresy, as the Church has declared infallibly something different.

My point is, there are some things in our faith that are doctrine, some that are merely opinion, and some that are heresy.

Could there ever come a time (in theory) when all the matters of opinion were pronounced upon definitively, in such detail that there were no longer any questions left in our faith?

If so, would there be any role left for wisdom?

The Church guides you on all these issues. Doctrine is not opinion. The interpretation of scripture is the function of the Church. If some one disagrees with the Church, and refuses to comply they become “Protestant” if they preach or teach against the Church that is “heresy”. Scripture tells us if we follow the Church that fulfills our obligation in keeping the Lord’s covenant.

Hope that helps

Hi DL82,

You seem to think that any doctrine not solemnly proclaimed is an opinion. Not so.

The day before the Immaculate Conception was proclaimed, this doctrine was universaly taught and accepted. The only difference is that the day before, had you denied this doctrine, you would have sinned gravely against faith. Had you denied it on the following day, you would have sinned gravely against faith and put yourself outside of the Church.


On EWTN on the show about the end times with Desmond Birch and Colin Donnovan they said that in the Eschaton when we’re in Heaven after the Final Judgement that we will know almost everything.

The only thing we won’t be capable of is knowing God as God knows Himself because we are finitie and He is Infinite.

There will be no need for hope or faith but there will always be love.

Doctrines are formulations of the truth. The truth of the faith is the whole truth of God himself, revealed in Person by Christ. We can’t exhaust that.

The doctrines of the Church are accurate; they are true. The sum of them, however, is not the whole truth about God because the whole truth about God is Christ himself.

Not intending to hijack the thread here; I just wanted to share something amusing (perhaps only to me):

When I was younger, I used to say things like, “When I die, the first thing I’m going to ask God is ‘Who really shot JFK’ (or insert some other random historical mystery)?’”

Your post reminded me of that, and it occurs to me that, although I may know the truth of that incident if I make it to heaven, I probably won’t care! :rotfl:


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