Will You Accept the Mark of the Beast


The government mandates that all citizens receive a microchip in their hand to be used to buy and sell. All buying and selling will be illegal without this chip. The number in the chip is 666 followed by your social security number. If you do not get the chip, you can no longer buy or sell anything.

Do you accept this chip?

Revelation 13
16 It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads,
17 so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast’s name or the number that stood for its name.
18 Wisdom is needed here; one who understands can calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a person. His number is six hundred and sixty-six.

The mark of the beast is the anti-type to the mark of Christ (Baptism) (see the very next verse, and remember that the original was not divided into chapters and verses). Accepting the mark means aligning oneself with the anti-Christ. There may or may not be a literal mark, and it may but probably will not include the number 666 (which most scholars agree is a numerical representation of “Nero,” whom many believed would be resurrected. . . .).

If we are faithful to God, He will not allow us to be “tricked” into choosing to follow Satan, any more than we can accidentally “lose” our salvation. Mortal sin requires full knowledge of the act and a deliberate rejection of God.

So - Do I believe I will have the grace to resist Satan and all his works? I trust that God will give me the grace I need for whatever circumstance I encounter. I do not presume that in my own strength and wisdom I can remain faithful (that would be presumption), but I know Whom I have believed, and that He is able to keep me until the end (2 Tim. 1:12).

I’m old enough to remember when a lot of Christians thought the introduction of UPC scanners was a sure sign of the End. Any new technology can be used for evil. Doesn’t mean that every new technology heralds the arrival of the anti-christ (remember St. John wrote that anti-christs were already among us, was back in the 80s - the 0080’s). I don’t believe it is profitable to speculate on the ways Apocalyptic language can be read literally. Too many rabbitholes.



This new age stuff is really upsetting me. It will not be a chip, people. When the Bible says that it will be in the head and hand, it means that people will accept it in their mind (conscience) and willfully. We must not interpret the Bible according to modern times. We must respect and consider the times in which the Apocalypse was written. Like the name of the book suggest, the Book is in Apocalyptic language, which was very popular and symbolic in John’s time. It is not to be taken literally. I doubt there will be literal 7 headed beasts. :thumbsup:

would you say yes or no to Neil’s hypothetical?

I wouldn’t want that chip anyway, even if it might not be biblically relevant. Why should the government invade my own BODY (which is not just the shell of my soul but infused with it to create my whole person… therefore invading my very person) for the sake of capitalism or whatever it is? It’s just creepy.

But Biblical interpretations sometimes have the amazing ability to be both figurative and literal. Who knows if this is the same case? :shrug:

The (“Verichip”) microchip you speak of is being used on new born babies already with the parents consent in many state of the art hospitals around the world.

Satan dominates this world and it’s his domain and God’s to conquer. Is this microchip a Sign of the Beast ? Not sure. But neither will I simply ignore it. Some writings in books I have read about the Blessed Virgin Mary stating that many (“will be forced to take this symbolic Sign of the Beast on their foreheads”). However; the Blessed Virgin also said that if these same people were marked also with Her sign (“Committed Devotion To The Rosary”) that their immortal souls would remain safe in Her care under Jesus Her Son’s merciful Sacred Heart. Of course you can take all this the way you please.
I only state this.
We all know the triumphant end of the Apocalypse.

what is all this talk about the Mark of the Beast and the end of the world?? All these people who think Obama is the Anti Christ and concerned. I honestly don’t think he is the Anti-Christ. I sure do not approve of any of his actions. We should be worried more about making ourselves holy and conforming ourselves to Christ than worrying about this

I don’t know where its all coming from. All I know is that if I need a chip that says 666 so I can buy food to feed myself and my family, there’s nothing wrong with getting a chip.

My point is we shouldn’t be worried about petty stuff like this and that. We need to work on making ourselves holy and not to be concerned with when mark of the beast and then end of the world will be hear.

Since I don’t believe that the mark is to be a chip, but more of a confession of faith or a rejection of Christ, then the chip makes little difference to me in that respect, other than it is another form of government control over the people, which I am against. But my rejection of a chip would not be for religious purposes, but its about liberty and freedom.

BUT, I can see a chip being used by the Antichrist as a means of power, but not as being the mark of the beast.

Here is what I say in my commentary on Revelation 13

The mark of the beast is nothing new, it has always been among us and is received by those who reject Christ. John tells us in his 1st epistle, “and every spirit which does not confess Jesus is not of God. This is the spirit of antichrist, of which you heard that it was coming, and now it is in the world already (1John 3:4).” But when the Antichrist does come in the flesh, he will make it to where Christians will not be able to buy or sell unless they confess that Jesus is not of God. The mark is not a literal mark that is on the hand or forehead, for the mark on the forehead means confession of faith, and the hand means the work of their hands.


I swear, some people would apply this passage those rubber stamps they used to put on the back of your hand to verify that you’d paid the admission for a museum or a carnival. There’s been some Fundamentalist Protestants who applied the “Mark of the Beast on the forehead” to the ashes put on Catholics’ foreheads on Ash Wednesday. In reading Revelations, we have to keep in mind that the imagery is symbolic and not literal, and that is about spiritual warfare.

Personally, I think the potential to be anti-Christ lies in all of us. Not that we all have the potential to be some powerful world leader who turns everyone away from Christ, but that we all have the potential to lead ourselves away from Him and mess up our own corner of the universe.

Since I don’t believe that the mark is to be a chip, but more of a confession of faith or a rejection of Christ, then the chip makes little difference to me in that respect, other than it is another form of government control over the people, which I am against. But my rejection of a chip would not be for religious purposes, but its about liberty and freedom.

I too would follow this course of thinking.

Thanks for adding the biblical commentary which is more comforting than speculation and hearsay. :thumbsup:

Why can’t we do both? I find it encouraging to see signs of the second coming of Christ.

I will not.
Don’t forget Rv 14:9-11. Every UPC code has a six, six, six in it.
Look at one. The 2 skinny lines together mean a “6”. It only makes sense
that with universal health care we should have a chip to identify ourselves for
our medical care. No more druggies going from hospital to hospital to get more
narcotics. The chip in the hand only makes total sense to stamp out identity
theft, and find missing children. You can see that only a criminal would choose
not to get one. Or someone like me who is maybe not as sensible as the rest
who responded to this thread. I wish I could think that it was totally symbolic,
but I just have a feeling that this could be it.

I am not crazy when it comes to the number 666. Any time there is a thousand
of something, first there was 666 of it. I was not afraid of the date 06/06/06,
I was not afraid to write check #666, it is only a number. But in this particular
instance, I am not willing to take a chance.

I agree with every single person who says concentrate not on this, but on our own
holiness and relationship to Christ. NOT getting the “mark of the beast” won’t save

You need to be ready for the 2nd coming by making yourself holy not worried about when it is coming, but be prepared.

Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!

Why would any Christian worry about the second coming? I’m looking forward to it! It gives me hope!

Makes sense what you had to say.
I couldn’t believe the UPC code reference you made.
WOW ! I checked this on a number of items in my home.
My only question is what proof brings relevance to the fact the three sets of paired skinny lines on every UPC code symbolizes 666 ? I’m not questioning your integrity, just the proof which is amusingly odd. I’m not into this numerology thing.
I remember years ago when the Baptist were saying 1998 was the year of the Beast factoring in 666 x 3 = 1998. Their reasoning was factoring in the years historical significance in 333AD, 666AD, and 999AD which is where they assumed the number 3 thrice meaning 333 and multiplying it by three alluding significance to the Holy Trinity.

Are you asking how I know the 2 skinny lines means a six? You can do this for
yourself with your own kitchen cupboard. At the bottom of the barcode is printed
numbers on most of them. Just study them if you have the patience. Each code
of lines and spaces represents a number. There are 2 groups. First, there is 2
skinny lines, then the first group. Then there is 2 skinny lines, followed by the
2nd group. Then the last “six”. The first group is a different code than the 2nd
group, so don’t get confused. Computer people who know about bar codes will
say that those 2 skinny lines merely mean “start” “stop” “start”. Yes, but they
also mean 6,6,6. The only thing is, in the frist group on a barcode, the six’s look
like a skinny line and then a fat line instead of 2 skinny lines.

Are you asking how it’s relevant the the barcodes all have 6,6,6,?
Well, there’s a barcode on our driver’s licence, our main form of identification.
It doesn’t look the same as the barcodes on food, but I’m sure that could change.
It seems logical to me that our identifying implanted “chip” would contain a

There is no “numerology” involved here.

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