Will you be watching/partying for the Super Bowl?


Just wonder who all watches the thing. We just don’t. :o :stuck_out_tongue: DH and I have next to 0 interest in football… although when I was growing up, my folks always either attended or hosted a SuperBowl party and they were always fun! I just never watched the game! :stuck_out_tongue:

What are everyone’s traditions? :slight_smile: Party with family? Low key? Meh…?


We always have a family party for SuperBowl! And this year, we actually will enjoy it more than ever since no one is a particular fan of either team (too much emotion when we have team fans, makes it hard to really enjoy the game… this year, nobody cares who wins, we just wanna watch football!)

This year’s food theme is tailgating food–burgers, dogs, chips, soda. Last year, it was pizza. Before that, we did Mexican. We like to watch the commercials (most of them are more entertaining than the game) and us “older” folks are enjoying the half-time shows more now that they’re having “older” entertainers (at least we recognize the songs!)

It’s a great family day for us, even the ones who don’t care about football!


I find football so boring! I’ll be outside playing with my dogs, reading or playing video games.

Baseball and Boxing are my two sports obsessions. I go out of my way to watch both.


We're not huge NFL fans, but we ALWAYS watch the Super Bowl... mostly for the ADS! :D


I’m going to watch it, certainly with my fiance’s parents over at my place… And possibly my father, if he can afford to stay late before driving to Greensborough.


Boring! I am glad the Vikings lost. Otherewise it would be on at our house as DH loves Favre.


Count me as Meh, but I am watching it (probably just sorta) because the kids and I got invited to a friend’s house. If it weren’t for that we’d not care in the slightest about any football game. :thumbsup: I also don’t’ watch the Emmy’s Grammy’s, or Academy awards, the World Series, or LOST. That’s how weird I am.:p:D

The only thing to like about football this year is that the ever loving Favre got scooled. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll retire for REAL.



I guess the Phoenix Suns won't be playing this weekend, then. Bummer. And Indy Car Racing doesn't start until mid-March, so, I guess that means no TV this weekend, since basketball and racing are all we watch on TV. :D


Unless the Texans or the Chiefs are in it i could not care less-and yes that means i havent watched many super bowls


OH yea! Go COLTS


We will be watching it! GO COLTS!
A few times we've had guests here, but not this year.
Last time the Colts were in the Superbowl, we went to DH's dad's. This year, we are going to DH's dads :D


Heck yes!

This will be my family and friends 4th Colts party this year.

First game of the season. (bon fire) hot dogs/burgers

Colts/Patriots game. (big rivalry there)(Mexican)

AFC Championship game.(Pizza and misc.)

Super Bowl/birthday party for grandson. Don't know the menu yet, except bd cake.

I LOVE football season. GO COLTS!


Oh, the Patriots are in it? Good to know, thanks! (My little brother is a huge Patriots fan, so now I won’t sound like a total idiot if he brings it up.) :smiley: Or did I misread Post #12? :o


I don’t care who wins now, but I’ll watch. I just hope for a good close game and cheer for whoever is losing to make it a game!! I, too, enjoy the commercials - for what they pay to air them, they should be good!! Looking for Tebow. I also, usually, enjoy the halftime show. If I don’t, it’s a good time to head to the kitchen!!


I usually end up cheering for the loser as well lol, makes the game better :slight_smile: Particularly since my team isn’t very likely to ever be there them selves (Detroit Lions).


And yet you started a thread about it? LOL! Just kidding :wink:

My husband’s family is really into football. Like, obsessively. My husband are really in to Star Wars and Harry Potter. Like, obsessively. Star Wars/Harry Potter people and football don’t mix :wink:


Me too! I’m watching it if only for the Tim Tebow ad :slight_smile:


I am shocked at the number of people that are not pulling for the Saints!!! You call your selves Catholics!!! I once was asked what I thought about saints, I answered that I was all for being a saint. Let’s go folks, support the the Saints and … work towards you own sainthood. God bless everyone on Super Bowl Sunday and I hope everyone enjoys their parties.


well, so many people DO have an obsessive interest in it that it piqued *my *interest! :wink: the stories people have told about their parties and watching it for the ads and half time show brought back some good memories, though. super Bowl parties are definitely fun, even if it’s just an excuse to hang out with your friends and family. :thumbsup: We haven’t been invited to one this year… if we were invited to one, depending on who the invite was from, we’d prolly go and enjoy the company. :smiley:



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