Will you go to hell if you die in your dream?


I heard you can die in your dream. If so. Then I have alot of dreams in the past where i could have easily have gotton killed but i always seemed to find a way to wake my self up by moving my feet or my hands or trying to say something.
What if I had a dream and i was aware that i was dreaming and i dreamed of a man trying to shoot me and while he was trying to shoot me i am thinking to myself " ok i know i am dreaming and that i can die in my dream, i would rather be dead now and be in heaven with God i might as well let him shoot me and see if i can die"
What if i did that can i go to hell?


You don’t actually die in real life by dying in your dreams… pure superstition, so no. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re no more likely to go to hell if you either die whilst dreaming, or, as you state, dream about dying, than you are if you die at any other time. What makes you think that either thing is a factor in whether or not you’d go to hell?


The answer to your question is “NO”. When we’re asleep… and especially in the dream state… our full, conscious will is not ours. In other words, we do nothing with full knowledge or full consent when we’re asleep.

So… if you had a really bad nightmare… where you did or said something that you KNOW you wouldn’t do… while awake… something “sinful”… and you happened to die… you would not go to hell, because of the content of your dream.

If a person in a state of mortal sin died during sleep… well, that’s another story. :nope:

I always bless myself with holy water, and say a Bedtime Protection prayer, of some sort… before climbing into bed. I commend my mind, my sleep and my dreams… into the care and power of the Holy Spirit.

Hope this helps. God bless.


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