Will you go to one extra Mass and offer it for a persecuted Christian?


Aid to the Church in Need is asking every Catholic to make the small sacrifice of going to one extra Mass to pray for one of the 200 million Christians who are facing the threat of persecution for their faith and even risking death to receive Jesus in The Eucharist.



It’s easy to forget how advantaged we are in the UK. Having said that many died here in the past too and our liberties aren’t to be taken for granted even now I think.
God bless.


I’ll try. I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the extra prayer things we are being asked to do.


I got the extra Mass done this evening and offered it for a persecuted Christian, but I’m not doing that “selfie outside the church” business.
Posting it here feels like showing off as it is. But I wanted to “check the box” and maybe someone else will be inspired by the thread bump.
I’m sure God will know where to send the grace without requiring me to hashtag a picture of myself.


That’s good @Tis_Bearself .

Yes , I’m doing no selfie either . :smile:


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