Will you marry Me?


So I was in the sanctuary all alone with my Jesus, thanking Him for calling me to religious life. And then He said, “Will you marry Me?”

I said yes of course!

A few days later, I was praying before Mass, thanking Him for asking me to marry Him. Again, He proposed.

I said yes.

After I receieved the Eucharist and was kneeling down and didn’t say anything, just “looked” with my heart. Again He asked, “Will you marry Me?”

I told Him, “Jesus, I love You so much! I want to be Yours! Of course, as I have already told You, I will marry You! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Why did my Beloved ask three times?


I suppose though you've said 'yes', that 'yes' isn't truly solidified until you take those solemn vows. When you have a call, Jesus is asking you to be His Bride every day until you take those vows. Or is there perhaps a part of you that is holding back without you really being aware of it?

Maybe this is something you should take to prayer.


He asked Peter three times. You’re in good company.

By the way, congratulations!!:clapping:


Why thank you. :curtsey: (a friend of mine curtsies when she says thank you. It’s just weird.)


That’s interesting.


Have you told your spiritual director about this?



What a beautiful grace! Say yes, and act on it!


That is so wonderful!!! I agree that you must act on that “yes.” That is so great! Kudos!!!:thumbsup:


I don’t have a “spiritual director”, but I do have a priest friend who I email almost daily.

I have told him and he’s delighted.


You know, I hear about people who have these awesome mystical experiences with their call to religious life and it's super ridiculous but I feel kinda sad that I never had that, it was all thoroughly un-mystical. You're very lucky!


[quote="White_Peony, post:9, topic:277930"]
I don't have a "spiritual director", but I do have a priest friend who I email almost daily.

I have told him and he's delighted.


You might want to get a spiritual director, a priest or religious, someone you can talk to every couple of weeks who can help you discern your vocation. If you do pursue the religious life, you will have to do this anyway in the community, so if nothing else it's a good practice to get into now. But I would say that it could also help you to keep on track, and make sure that what you're really hearing is the voice of God calling you. I'm not doubting that it is, I'm not capable of making that kind of judgment. Being on the internet makes it difficult to read people, hence a spiritual director is a good idea.



Isn’t it beautiful how our Beloved works?


St Teresa, mystic and Doctor of The Church does advise that locutions (hearing The Lord’s voice) can be dangerous and one must be very wary as they can proceed from either one’s imagination which is very powerful, from Satan (also very powerful) or from The spirit of The Lord. This is why it is wise not to take no real notice of any interior voice until one speaks about it with a spiritual director. I can’t recall which of the works of St Teresa I read this advice in and dont have time to research. I was able to find what appears below from Father Aumann and a highly respected and esteemed Dominican Spiritual Theologian and author.

I wouldn’t want to dampen your ardor either but do take care, locutions and other unusual mystical phenomena are something that should be ideally discerned by spiritual direction if one is both prudent and wise, docile under spiritual directon. I am hoping that you have a spiritual director - if not then I am hoping you will seek one out.


Discernment of Spirits
It is indispensable for the direction of souls and for the study of extraordinary mystical phenomena to be able to distinguish the various spirits under which an individual may act or be acted upon. … But it is also possible for an individual to come under the influence of a spirit that is *extrinsic *to the personality, whether from *God *or the *devil. *For that reason it is the function of the discernment of spirits to judge whether a given act or repetition of acts flows from the spirit of God, the diabolical spirit, or the spirit of the individual.


While the above posts are true, and caution is always the leading rule with locutions, I have heard countless Catholic vocation resources say that Satan NEVER encourages a vocation to consecrated life. So, if you really say 'yes' to this voice, and become a sister or nun, then the voice will have had to come from God, since it resulted in your consecration to Him. However, the only way that this locution might have been from an 'other' spirit (evil) is if it makes you prideful and arrogant, and you end up not becoming a religious. Then the only outcome would be an increase in pride....and that would be an indicator of this voice.


Do take care. Locutions should always be subjected to spiritual direction if one is wise and prudent. Always and no matter what! Sometimes Satan 'takes the long way round' and will inspire to what all appearances are a distinct good in order that the person will have confidence in the locutions. The purpose of Satan is at a later point, when one is totally convinced that their locations are valid and true, to lead the person totally astray.
Whereas, nothing at all is loss only rich gain in subjecting oneself to an educated wise and holy spiritual director. If one is unable to find one, then to place oneself trustfully and confidently in God's Hands and if mystical phenomena is experienced to maintain a spiritually healthy distrust of one's own discernings re such experiences.
If one has an experience instructing one to enter monastic or religious life, then were it me, I would be sharing that experience with the vocation director or whatever experienced religious person connected to entering monastic or religious life. Theirs is the Grace to discern who is called to the life and who may not be called.

From the "Seven Spiritual Weapons" of St Catherine of Bologna saintsworks.net/books/St.%20Catherine%20of%20Bologna%20-%20The%20Seven%20Spiritual%20Weapons.txt

Whoever from deep within her noble and zealous heart wished to take up the cross..., let her first take up the arms necessary for such battles...: first is diligence; second, distrust of self;

third, confidence in God; fourth, memory of his passion; fifth, memory of one's own death; sixth, memory of the glory of God; seventh and last, the authority of Holy Scripture as it gives the example of Christ Jesus in the desert.

Catherine, however, had been through hell during these troubled years of 1531–35. She speaks of six diabolical apparitions.** In three of these the devil appears as a heavenly being: the Virgin, the Crucified, and Madonna and Child*.23 In the first, the Virgin invites her to exchange her sinful love for a virtuous one*. Catherine believes that her sinful love is her tendency to question every order and arrangement given by her superior. In the second instance, the Crucified reproaches her for taking back what she has offered, that is memory, understanding and will, in order to criticise her superior; the third time, the Madonna with Child repeats the first warning about sinful love. The virtuous love the Madonna offers in exchange is blind obedience.
That in each case it was the devil in disguise who was speaking was clear only in retrospect and by the grace of God which taught Catherine that a genuine divine vision is preceded by humility and leaves the soul in peace.


Ideally, the humility which precedes mystical experiences will be also their subjection to a spiritual director and a willingness to follow through on what that spiritual director advises and in a spirit of humility and Peace of Soul, no matter what may be advised.
Mystical type phenomena experienced can be fraught with many quite grave spiritual dangers including self deception and/or that of Satan - according to St Teresa of Availa, saint, mystic and declared Doctor of The Church.

The ideal conditions for spiritual direction is personal meetings, i.e. face to face. Letters or emails might be better than nothing, but certainly very often not at all the ideal and probably especially if one is experiencing mystical type phenomena.

St Teresa of Avila
She distinguished sharply between the essence of mysticism, which is loving the contemplation of God infused by God's own love and grace, and the tangential phenomena that may accompany the contemplative life, such as visions, audible sensations, ecstasy, levitation, and stigmata. She, as others, believed that Satan could manipulate such phenomena to corrupt the gullible even when they come from God. St. Teresa felt that the Devil could twist such things in order to cause the individual to be more concerned with these manifestations than with their true mission of loving God entirely.

Mystical phenomena is incidental - a complete aside - and not worthy of trust unless instructed to do so by spiritual direction and spiritual direction one considers educated, wise and holy. Mystical phenomena is a complete aside to loving God and one's neighbour for the Love of God which is prime always, at all times and under any and all conditions. In fact, St Teresa of Avila felt that mystical phenomena was God's Way of bringing a soul back to Him - that nothing chases the soul to return completely back to God in a complete way as mystical experiences. These experiences, she felt, were sent to strengthen the weak.

But as someone else in this thread commented, an internet discussion site is not the place to make sound discernings. And I am certainly no spiritual director under the best of circumstances. Rather, what I would like to do is to share information re mystical phenomena and hopefully inspire a healthy mistrust of such unless one has a wise and holy, educated spiritual director - and then be confidently guided by such following their advice. To underscore that nothing is more important, of more value, than loving God and loving neighbour for the sake of God - this is The Gospel and Jesus.


[quote="TiggerS, post:15, topic:277930"]

To underscore that nothing is more important, of more value, than loving God and loving neighbour for the sake of God - this is The Gospel and Jesus.


I would definitely agree with this. My spiritual director has told me (since I am still young but have been feeling this call since I was 8-ish) that since I still have a couple years before I could enter a community, that I should just work on my relationship with God and work on loving Him and my neighbor. My spiritual director also told me to give God my "plate of life" for Him to guide and if that is truly His will then He'll lead me there. Spiritual directors are so important and also amazing to have. Mine has been a blessing from God. :thumbsup:

Just be diligent in figuring out whether or not one could've been caught up in consolations. That's all I can say which is just a repeat from others.
I can honestly say though, that I've experienced similar things, not an actual "voice" but mainly this desire to be totally His and my consenting to whatever He is inviting me to. But I have to remember to never single it out as a "for sure". But I only say this to let you know that I can relate in a way. Keep discerning :D

Most of this is just repeats of people I know and I cannot take credit :p All I know is not from me :shrug:


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