Will you need confession in this situation

in this hypothetical scenario, lets say someone commits a mortal sin but after they lose there memory of doing said sin (head injury or massive stress). the person is aware of what they caused but believe that they would not normally do said sin. will this person still need to go to confession?

God is not bound to the Sacraments…we are.

If it a person is not able to confess such due to not remembering it…but say goes to confession for some other sin and is intending thus to confess any and all mortal sins…then it can be absolved indirectly due to his loss of memory. (unless he remembers).

But it would be good if someone knew he did it seek to get him to at least say" I have been told that I did x…but due to memory loss I do not remember any such thing…if I did it God knows and I accuse myself…and I am sorry"

I don’t understand why people seek a loophole to avoid confession. It can never harm a person to go to confession.

The person in your hypothetical situation should go to confession and tell the whole story to the priest. If it’s not a sin, the priest will tell him. If it is a sin and the person is contrite, the priest will absolve him. If the person is not contrite, the priest will counsel him. In any case, the person will be better off for having gone to confession.

I truly calculate that if, while in injury, you could not recall your mortal sin, and later you become conscious of that mortal sin, than, you would be accountable for confessing that sin since it came back to you.

If you are bothered by this, mention it in confession because as * purported before, these priests are trained for such consequences.*

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