Will you pay for their education?

Here is a link to one of numerous videos interviewing college students about paying for their education. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYKMFlSC2A8

Do you, taxpayer, think that the cost of educating these young people should be placed on your shoulders?

Entirely on my shoulders? No. Do I think that some form of tuition assistance or subsidy is appropriate? Yeah, possibly.


But I think most of them do receive subsidy and/or tuition assistance already.



I don’t see a video. I see pages and pages of something in another language.

Oops. Video updated. I’m not sure what the other stuff was. The young man in the blue shirt is most interesting,

Heck no! Why should it??? I don’t see anyone helping with paying my bills!


But their arguments are so “clever”. One even argues that we should pay becuase we are Christians.

Who paid for my two kids to go through college? They did !! :scream: They saved their money, got scholarships, did without some things, went to Junior College for their first two years, and worked while they went to college. Of course, that didn’t leave them much time for knocking statues down, looting, rioting or drunken orgies…


I believe that the costs of college shouldn’t be a barrier to those that want to go AND are qualified. Would that mean some taxpayer help for those that have a financial barrier? I’m ok with my taxes helping those that qualify, desire and have a goal that requires a degree. Does that mean anyone that just wants to go? No. The qualifications for paid tuition should be strict but just. I don’t want any bright motivated kid to be denied an education because they come from the poor side of town. I don’t think all colleges and all kids should have a paid education. I do want to help those that deserve it.


It does seem that all the bright motivated kids that come from the poor side of town are already on a full scholarship at Yale and Stanford.

No. Those are the outstanding ones, usually going into law or medicine. There are way too many that fall through the cracks. They want to be Nurses or teachers or PTs. They need help with more than tuition, too. They need room and board and books. They need jobs that give them flexibility for schooling. Those are ones I don’t want to leave behind.

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College recruiters aggressively seek out minority students and give them tons of incentives. But, as you seem to be an expert, I will let someone who works in the field expound on this.


I’m sorry if I sounded like I was an expert! I’m certainly not. I’ve just lived long enough to see hopes and dreams dashed by the unaffordability of college…and I’m not talking about minorities only. I’m talking about anyone too poor to attend college without taking on massive debt. Most of those I’ve known that had college be unreachable yet deserving were white. It’s the economic barrier that needs to be addressed.

This ain’t Harvard or Yale, is it? Although I’ve seen expose videos on how stupid those kids are too.
Looks like University of Florida?
The scary thing is some of these kids might be going into education.

And I can see helping the truly poor (i.e. homeless, etc.) as a Christian, and my wife and I try to. If you want to pay for an individual’s college education out of your own pocket, then you are doing a great thing. But, to force everyone to share that cost is unreasonable. We already, out of taxes, provide tuition assistance. College degrees are not mandatory to work in today’s society - there is plenty of blue collar work that needs to be done that does not require college. So, in my mind, college degrees are a privilege, not a necessity. Plus, I was from a really poor family, took out loans, and paid for all three of my degrees. I made sacrifices. As a doctoral student on a $10,000 per year assistanceship, I could only work during summers and could not work outside of my assistanceship. Try doing that for five years. You basically live miserly and off what little savings you were able to scrape together. I seemed to survive. I just did without luxury.

Just my two cents.


I would say it’s Florida State University based on the young man’s FSU shirt.

I’m not sure why that is scary. They are young and have not had time to fully form their opinions. They are at that same age (18-21 I would guess) where we all were - we knew everything and had these lofty ideas.

Therein lies the eternal problem - “just”. Who decides what is just? How is it qualified?

Some would say that assistance should be needs based. The neediest students receive the tuition. But what if you have one allotment left and two students competing for it. One is more needy than the other, but the other appears to be more qualified than the other. Does the second person get it or does the first, needier person get it? Then, you have to trow in minority status. The institution in which I work is actively recruiting more minority students. Some might be less qualified than a more needy non-minority applicant. Who should receive the assistance?

What is the just thing to do? Who decides on what the just thing to do is? It is a really complicated issue. That is probably why things rarely move forward or why something is passed only to be repealed later as the winds shift.

As a non-minority who paid for his own education, I largely do agree with you, though. I am just pointing out the difficulties institutions and legislators face when making these decisions.

I think those who put some sweat equity into their education appreciate it much more and will do more with their education. I’ve seen too many given a free ride through college screw up their lives along the way. Any financial aid should come with strings attached, whether it be working while in school or service after completion.


Nope, I don’t think we should have to pay for other people’s education. In the old days, if you didn’t have the money or didn’t get a scholarship you didn’t go to college. Now, college has become like a high school diploma that everyone feels entitled to. I had no scholarships and worked part time during college and almost full time during graduate school. During that time I barely had time to go to the grocery store and that was my “outing” of the week. No vacation, no partying. Just school and work. I expect others to do the same.

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