Will your life be wasted? (Video by Father Mike)



You really love ( in a agape way ) this Priest, Cajun :stuck_out_tongue:


Love as in a Christian SISTERLY way please make sure you SPECIFY that when posting that
“You really love this Priest, Cajun”

He just touches on subjects that apply to a lot of people in an interesting way that makes you want to listen and when you do to remember what he said.


I’m not sure how much my vision of my life matters anymore. Of course if I were young, still choosing my vocation, that would be another thing. At this point it seems more, do I try to be the best spouse I can within my ability set, or do I not? Do I accept my limitations as a spouse, or do I not? Do I accept my spouse’s limitations, or do I not? Do I choose activities that are consistent with my vocation, or do I not?

I liked his presentation, however.


May you all be saints! :innocent:


I’m afraid my life will be wasted if I keep reading World News on this forum… I just can’t stop myself…



Faces of love…
Knowing, loving and serving God in the capacity He calls us…


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