Will Zen meditation help my OCD?

So I have a problem with OCD and a little bit of scrupulosity. Therapist, psychologist and people in my family who are all catholic have told me that meditation is a great technique to help with OCD especially when it comes to unwanted thoughts. As having a problem with unwanted thoughts is a problem for me I gave zen meditation a try. From what I have learned about zen meditation its that it can be done by anybody regardless of religion. Zen meditation is all about awareness of though and breath. What are your opinions about using Zen meditation? Would this be against Christianly or is it something that a Catholic could do?

Dear friend,

Zen is not the answer to obsessive compulsive disorder. I deal with many people here with OCD. What you need is the ability to recognize such behavior in yourself and the awareness of it as a cross that the Lord has allowed you to have. Zen is a non-Christian religion and will not give you this.

Also, I strongly encourage you to get some therapy. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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