William F Buckley Jr

I was strolling through the library and came upon a biography of an old friend. Here are some reading selections that recall his wit and humor, his unerring sense of grace and exuberance. Ah, Bill, I miss you so much and the country is going to hell without you…



I miss him too.

William F. Buckley, Jr. was a true pioneer.

Everyone should read his books starting with “God and Man at Yale”.

And while you’re at it, take out a mailed subscription to “National Review”. Show your support AND have some solid political writing to mull over … away from the madness and multitasking of the internet.


Thanks for the reminder. It hasn’t been the same since he’s been gone…


The link is to a wonderful article about WFB Jr by his son, Christopher (no comment).
I thought WFB’s Firing Line was a lesson in civility. WFB discussed issues w/ people whose world view or politics he found repugnant & said so but courtesy @ all times, w/ a twinkle in his eye and a zinger of a very very big word!
His RIP when his mother died was tender and memorable.

I wonder if Christopher is regretting his endorseent of Obama?

I’ve never been much of a TV watcher, but I think I would have loved Buckley’s TV show. Not only was he the intellectual equal of just about anyone on the left, he had wit, grace and could turn a phrase. I’ll bet he rocked on that show.

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