Williston woman in custody on 36 felony charges

This breaks the stereotype that criminals are lazy. How many of us could pile up 36 felony charges in such a short time?

And, yes, drugs may be involved.


Wow. Both Impressive and Imaginative.

During her time at the jail she had a “medical emergency” and while at Mercy was given a personal recognizance bond by the state’s attorney. While Foote was at Mercy, she jumped out of a window and fled. The bond was awarded June 28, according to a police affidavit, and Foote left the hospital in late June or early July.

I find it suspicious that the Gate is once again talking about the Dakotas.

Regarding the case, it reminds me of jewelry heists in Florida in the 1970s. The thieves said they would rob houses at dinner time because every one in the house would be sitting down at the dinner table and so they knew where everyone was.

With a population of 20,000 the town should have been small enough that the woman, and her past behavior, would be widely known. However, Williston is in the oil boom region of North Dakota, and the 2010 census shows Williston as having a population of only 15,000. This would mean a whole lot of new people have recently arrived. I wonder if Ms. Foote wasn’t one of those recent arrivals. Boomtowns suffer bad, as well as good, from their sudden growth.

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