Wind Farms, Solar Power Killing Birds.

Some birds just can’t resist flying too close to the sun—and burning to death in the process.

In California’s Mojave Desert, a solar-energy plant is causing birds to burst into flames and fall out of the sky, like tiny fighter jets. A report from the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory on the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System found that the facility’s solar panel array has a deadly side effect for local wildlife.

A new report published in Biological Conservation estimates that between 140,000 and 328,000 birds are killed annually by wind turbines in the United States.

Very alarming that this would be going on. Those in support of Solar Power and Wind Farms may well be the ecological types.

Sadly, this is nothing new.

Renewable energy infrastructure has caused enormous damage to animal populations.

Regarding wind power, some of the animals such as bats don’t even need to make contact with the blades. The turning of those creates an artificial wind funnel that interferes with their cardio-pulmonary systems and kills them.

Hydroelectric dams are some of the worst. I think those are the leading cause of extinction of freshwater species. :o :mad:

This is what “climate change” nonsense as a policy driver is giving us: REAL environmental damage! :mad:

Any kind of technology will have a cost to nature. While some in the hard-core environmental circuit would like to see human life reverted to down-to-nature survival, that is not going to happen.

What should be done is to debate how much damage to nature is acceptable, and how to achieve that minimal level.


Let’s just ignore how Los Angeles’ air used to be and how China’s air is today.

Think of it as evolution in action, giving us mega-birds, capable of taking on these turbine blades…

… and winning. :eek:

Alternative Energy Revolution

Environmentalists are never happy. :mad:

Bald Eagles are being hurt and there seems to be a chance so-called Environmentalists enrich themselves on these turbines and solar panels. Otherwise, just saying. I’m not going to read the predictable comment the President might make.

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