Wine/gambling On Good Friday?

Without going into too much information, what are your thoughts of RCIA canidates ending their day on Good Friday with a little wine and gambling?

Wine is ok any day. Gambling is not on Good Friday.

My thoughts would be that perhaps those charged with forming the Catechumens/Elect/Candidates had not sufficiently imparted the meaning of the Triduum, or that the Elect/Candidates were making some really poor choices despite proper formation.

Why choose Good Friday for that? Do it on Holy Saturday, if you must do it at all, and Easter Sunday would be even better.

They should remember that Good Friday is the day on which we remember Christ’s death on the cross. It is, in a sense, the most sombre, the most serious day of the year.

Didn’t it occur to any of them that certain other people were also gambling, right under our crucified Lord, on Good Friday? Something tells me that gambling for any Catholic should be right-out gauche on that day.

Interesting. On Palm Sunday we call out “Crucify him!” but with regard to the OP, somehow I doubt that the intent is to re-enact the Crucifixion…
And they cast lots to divide his clothing.

My thoughts exactly.

I’m presently in RCIA and there is no way I would go for this on Good Friday or any day for that matter. What are they teaching in RCIA anyway? Geesh…:shrug:

Holy Saturday is intended as a day of prayer and fasting for the elect as they prepare for the Easter Vigil.

Good. I’m glad they are. They should, then, by all means, push their celebrations to Easter Sunday, where it would be infinitely more appropriate.

Offer to throw the party on the night of Holy Saturday. It’s more appropriate, especially since they ought to leave the church in silence on Good Friday, and aren’t baptized or confirmed until Saturday anyway.

Thanks for all the feedback. My husband is in RCIA and said that on Holy Thursday and Good Friday they are to meet from 10 pm to midnight for “social” which would include some wine and maybe gambling?:shrug: I thought that was very strange. Is it normal to be out till midnight on both nights?

P.s. My husband doesn’t really drink so he plans on skipping this but I am not sure if he can if this is considered part of the RCIA program.

Possibly he misunderstood something.

I could understand something late on Holy Thursday. The Mass of the Lord’s Supper followed by some time of adoration/keeping watch might end around 10pm. Personally I would want to head home at that time but I could understand having some time to talk about everything they observed in the liturgy.

But the Good Friday liturgy usually takes place in the afternoon. Then people are supposed to come back at 10pm? That just sounds weird.

He should probably verify the schedule and activities.

Thanks, he was given the schedule and that is what it has written.

Hmm, I took your original statement to mean that the classmates had decided among themselves to go out together on Friday evening, Good Friday.

In light of the idea that an evening of “wine and gambling” event has been organized as an official part of RCIA, on a written agenda, I would go to my pastor and make sure he is aware of how completely inappropriate and ridiculous such a thing is.

This is beyond bizarre. It would be an inappropriate “official” RCIA activity regardless of the day, but particularly so when the Elect are to be in a period of intense prayer, fasting, and spiritual preparation for the Vigil.

:confused: I’ve been heavily involved in RCIA for quite a few years and, for the life of me, I can’t make any sense of this. Please let us know if he gets any more information.

Okay, I have the schedule in front of me. Looks like on Thursday they will spend the day doing church run, mass, etc. Then they are checking into a hotel of sorts and heading out around 11pm for a late night snack at a local restaurant. On Good Friday, the whole day will be spent doing the normal things like learning about confession, Eucharist etc. At 10pm, they will head back to the hotel where they are to meet in the sponsors room for a couple hour. It was told that at this time they have been known to do some drinking and gambling. I thought this was especially strange for the sponser since we are suppose to be fasting on Good Friday? Also, I am not sure why they need to spend the night at the hotel since everyone lives within 10 minutes of it.:shrug:

Anyways, I guess I just wanted to confirm my suspicion that this was not how the retreat should be handled.

I’ve been involved in RCIA for a while, have attended workshops and taken classes, and have had the opportunity to talk with people in many other parishes. I’ve never heard of anything like that!

I don’t want to criticize things because I assume people are doing the best they can. So all I’ll say is wow…that’s really different.

It’s not my place to criticize how a particular parish chooses to handle its retreat. However, from the viewpoint of one who has had the responsibility for planning and conducting the parish RCIA “day of recollection” (retreat) for the past ten years, what you have described seems a bit “unusual”.

Hopefully this particular format has been (will be) very fruitful for the participants at your parish. I encourage your husband to enter in to it with a positive attitude and the intention of gaining as much personal benefit as possible.

Again, my continued prayers for him and all those who are making this wonderful (RCIA) journey into the Church.

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