Wine preference....?

I have no idea if this fits into this thread…but???

What is your favorite wine? I used to love zinvindel but it is so sweet…I leaning toward a deep red wine for my cholesterol! :blushing:

Red over white over rose. Preferably a characteristic taste and preferably something new each time. Preference for stronger and heavier varieties.

Speaking of, my red is no more. :frowning:

Do you think the wines are becoming sweeter??? A priest friend agreed with me…he is into wine making…that sounds weird maybe even funny!!! he agrees that the wines are sweeter due to “uneducated palates”.

Muscato…a very sweet desert wine…which I prefer over others, or a Icewine…also very sweet…

:smiley: I suppose I must have an uneducated palate than…but I love the sweeter desert wines with cheese and fruit…

“Uneducated palates”. :smiley: Good for Father, lol. :smiley: Don’t know but some wines are too sweet for me even if they shouldn’t really be (I do like sweet wines, but I don’t like sugary sweet, as in the taste of sugar). As long as they don’t taste like wine with outright sugar added, I can probably live with their being too sweet, although I’d prefer to drink something else instead. :wink: Chilean ones are very much to my taste. They probably tend to be dry or semi-dry but there’s more to their taste than just the dryness, which is good. :slight_smile:

Try something Moldavian then! :slight_smile: Or if you can find a Macedonian Kadarka (which is way better than the typical Bulgarian Kadarka).

*I don’t drink often, but during holiday times, I have the occasional glass of wine, but reds are giving me bad headaches, I’m afraid. :frowning: (sulfates?) That said, I have recently discovered african wines, which are quite nice. I also like a nice chilled glass of chardonnay…

There is a somewhat sweet, Italian dessert wine…ah, what’s the word…lambrusco? I think that is the name…very good, and usually no headache the next morning, but I can’t find it here in Florida, for some reason. :shrug:*

Try something Moldavian then! :slight_smile: Or if you can find a Macedonian Kadarka (which is way better than the typical Bulgarian Kadarka).

Ah, I shall have to try when I go home…unfortunately the liquor laws in my current location are a bit ridiculous…I have had a very good Moldavian actually…I really do enjoy most wines…my favorites just tend to run white and sweet.

African ones are very good and very much to my taste as well. Lambrusco is great. Fizzy red wine that tastes like blackcurrant juice, lol.

Hmm… you might want to take a look the Italian shelf then! :slight_smile:

That sounds lovely…:slight_smile:

MayI interject a joke??? My wonderful son was on a vocation retreat…the bishop was present…he asked why they were discerning a vocation…as they went around the table each young man gave a very religious response as to impress the bishop. My son is not one to impress…he goes for the comedic. The bishop speculated that it was ususally the mothers that encouraged vocations…my son replied that yes that was true in his case since his mother liked “the water into wine thing”!!! Please laugh because because the bishop found it extrememly amusing! and no I enjoy wine but am not a lush… I hope you are laughing!!! :thumbsup:

And tastes even better. I behaved like a happy kid when I got some at my dad’s. :slight_smile: I should get myself a bottle some time again.


Chev describes that perfectly…yes, that is what it tastes like. :hmmm: I feel like I’ve entered a virtual wine tasting party.

This is great…Yes I have had one glass…okay two at tops!!!

If you have had a glass of wine go to: :smiley:


I had a South African red wine a few weeks back… it was incredibly dry. It had a higher alcohol content (14.5%). But very enjoyable. It was a very “red” red wine.

Let us not forget the words of the Psalmist, that the Lord made “wine to gladden the heart of man” (Ps. 104:15).


Argentine Malbec is my current fave, along with the newer “Super Tuscan” blended reds that are coming from Italy.

Try some Bordeaux…easy to drink, complex, not sweet, goes with just about everything (or by itself!). :smiley:

what is an ice wine?? I tried the moscato this month for the first time. it was fun and the only wine I ever drank iced. It is VERY sweet. I wonder if there is a similarity.

That makes me glad. :bounce:

(I just started drinkin’ at 40. Was a pentecostal teetotaller for 20 yrs!)

Thank you…I will try the Bordeaux…

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