How come the priest presiding over the sacrament of Communion has to drink the wine but I don’t have to?

Because if it gets spilled that would be desecration, and the only way to ensure that it doesn’t get spilled is to drink it.

Seriously? I rather think that the answer is that the priest is the one offering the sacrifice, and the laity aren’t.

It’s part of the reason the wine isn’t distributed as often as the host. It’s not the whole answer, but it’s part of it: you can’t leave consecrated wine in the fridge.

That is exactly it. The Priest, offering the sacrifice on our behalf, is required to partake of both species.

The laity are not.

He is not drinking wine. He is receiving our Lord…same as you do when you receive the consecrated Host.

Jesus is really truly and substantially present in both species.

The priest celebrant is required by the rubrics to receive under both species. The faithful assisting at Mass are not required to receive under both species, or even to receive Communion at all.




Sorry but that is not the answer or even part of the answer. The other posters have it right.

If the priest is required to partake of the blood and the host how can a priest offer the mass if he is a recovering alcoholic?

He has two choices:

  1. He can concelebrate the Mass and receive the Host only, while the other Priest receives the Precious Blood.

  2. If he is the only celebrant, he can be granted permission from his Ordinary to use “mustum”. See

TheDoctor: Thank you very much.

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